• Actually I put it in the night before and super slow cook it for the night (275 F). Pull it out, turn up the temperature and do all of the other baked foods, then about 1 to 1/2 hour before dinner I throw it back in the oven without its cover - heating it up and browning the top (350 F). There have been years where I cooked the turkey 1-2 days in advanced (without stuffing it). Mind storing stuffing in a bird is like culturing botulism in a petri dish. Something you do not do - unless you want botulism as a house guest for dinner.
  • I don't. My hubby has taken to barbecuing ours, ever since we got that big, shiny monster grill.
  • These people are crazy, you shove the bird in about 5 hours before you want to eat it. Putting the turkey on a barbecue is MADNESS

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