Viewing of Questions and Answers History


To view your questions and answers history -- You can view all your entries on your profile page.  Just click on Question or Answer and scroll to the bottom.   Click on "show more" to add history.

Editing of Questions, Answers, and Comments


  • Editing your questions, answers, and comments -- You can now edit your entries by clicking on the small orange icon to the top right of your submission. It will make the entry editable and change the orange icon to a red save icon. Once you finish editing, click on the red save icon and your changes will be saved. 



New Profile Page: Answer History & Followers


    • Answer History -- The ability to see your answers as well as your questions history.


    • Followers -- The ability to follow the questions and answers of other users you enjoy.  Just go to their profile page and click the Follow button.   After clicking Follow button, any future postings by that user will appear in your Following feed.  


Email notifications of new answers


  • Email answer notifications -- There are now email notifications when someone answers your questions. When you ask a question, there is a switch on the Ask page where you can turn this off or leave it on. You can also go to your question and use the switch there to turn toggle the notifications off or on after your question has been posted. 

Read questions check mark


  • Read questions check -- We've added a feature where questions you've read have a little orange check mark to the right on the home page, questions page, and category pages. 
  • Improvements to registration -- We've made further improvements to the registration process and added RECAPTCHA verification.
  • Improvements to mobile -- The mobile experience has been upgraded so the overlap of items in a mobile view has been eliminated.

Increased Categories

We've added some more features:


  • Category search -- On the categories page, you can now search by category and go right to the questions contained there.
  • Question breadcrumbs clickable -- The category breadcrumbs on the question page now work.
  • More registration system fixes -- We're working on the registration and password reset systems to address all of the potholes in the system.

Up Next

  • Question/Answer/Comments likes
  • Revision of the profile page including the ability to follow other users


Profile editing and new categories

New Features of the Week


        • Edit profile & avatar -- You can now edit your display name, bio, and upload a new avatar image. Note that it can take up to an hour for these changes to propogate to all the pages of the site.


        • New Categories -- The number of categories has been increased to over 1000 and we have new category and subcategory pages. 




Answerbag Relaunch

Thanks for coming to the new Answerbag.


We will provide details on the Answerbag launch next week.

Stay tuned!

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