• What works for me is taking a long run. If that don’t work try letting the stress out maybe by go somewhere you are only closing the door and try yelling. Well that what works for me. You always can try talking to someone to maybe a friend. Well help you find something that works for you!
  • Punching bag meet fist, fist meet punching bag.
  • Swimming....its amazing, you will feel great and so so relaxed Oh and avoid caffeine
  • 1. Exercise - take your pick. They all work. . 2. Learn to meditate. Look for a course at the local YMCA, community center, new-age bookstore, or Google it to fine tons of books, dvd's, etc. Then do it! . 3. Simplify your life. Cancel all book, newspaper, and magazine subscriptions. Cancel all paid TV, cable, etc. Clean out your closets and drawers. Take everything you can to Goodwill. . 4. Clean up your relationships. . 5. Practice your religious beliefs if that is something you care about. . 6. Read this book: Simple!
  • the scent of lavender helps you relax .. real lavender in a pouch under a pillow will help you sleep better .. squishing lavender buds and smelling them relaxes you . ;-?)

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