• you can pray
    • Linda Joy
      excellent answer! Thank you!
  • I spend some time to do something I like.
    • Linda Joy
      Like what? What things do you like to do?
  • Follow our 10 simple tips to help manage and reduce your stress levels. 1. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine. 2. Indulge in Physical Activity 3. Get More Sleep 4. Try Relaxation Techniques 5. Talk to Someone 6. Keep a Stress Diary 7. Take Control 8. Manage Your Time 9. Learn to Say
    • Linda Joy
      you can edit your answer by clicking the orange box with the pencil in it. I'm guessing 9 is learn to say no! But the AB's text editor had a problem with you copying in the " " from another text editor. Next time if you edit out any special characters and key them back in you can get away with copying and pasting in a piece of text. But these are very good strategies for managing stress. Would you like to expound on #4 ? What sort of relaxation techniques?
  • Trolling is my release....well, that know. xD
  • Here are simple ways to relieve stress. Exercise is the most important thing to deal with stress. Regular exercise may help to reduce stress and anxiety by improving sleep and image. Take some supplements like ashwagandha, green tea omega-3 fatty acids, etc. Reduce caffeine intake. Do meditation and some yoga practices to manage stress.
  • Exercise
  • It is never an option to carry stress around with you all day. The best option is to make a proper healthy routine and abide by it. Make new hobbies and divert your mind whenever it feels like you are on the verge of it
  • Tough question. Personally, I find that laying into the punching bag helps me vent a lot of bottled-up stress. Playing drums helps me, too. Of course, the best way to manage stress is to limit how much comes into your life in the first place by taking control of things and cutting toxic people out of your life, but that is nearly impossible to sustain. Aside from that, pretty much any sort of low-stakes distraction helps. Watching a good movie or doing a good puzzle can help in the short-term.
  • Mr Jack Daniels
  • Exercise
  • After all I've been through in my life, I can make it.
  • I appreciate how your question highlights the fact the we have to manage stress, it is something that we can’t eliminate. That being said, I try to take one day at a time, set reasonable standards (for myself and others), avoid my triggers, stay organized, balanced & healthy. Now if only I could do ALL of these things at simultaneously!
  • Used to workout on the heavy bag, til Commissar Newsom shut down the gym. Now I'm left with Chi Kung and Neijia workouts. If the commies don't re-open the gym by summer, I may return to marijuana as it is most excellent stress relief, and since it's now legal, the Anslinger stormtroopers can no longer kick in my door.
  • i go for a swim for a good hour, always feel better after.
  • I just lost YA! and a game I played on my tablet I was addicted to. I'm watching more tv and reading to compensate.

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