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  • Firstly, i am a guy, just so you know.... Secondly, I would say because they think that they have authority about the matter so the think that they will get away with it, and most of the times, they have no reasons, or they cannot answer to it when asked by the one they are cheating...
  • Usually because they don't want to lose the opportunity to keep you in the picture OR because then you can be labelled suspicious and jealous or break up with them to save them the dirty work of having to break up.
  • I am a man. I would say that men mostly cheat because we crave for sex with many women. Some of us let this craving overtake us and makes us act in ways that are not socially acceptable. When those men get caught, they deny that they cheated because this is the easiest thing to do .
  • Because they think they can get away with it. I have had a boyfriend do just that. When I went away for a weekend to the mountain, he accused me of cheating on him. This male friend for whom that lives up in the mountains is a relationship counselor. I don't get involved with anyone who is a counselor of any sorts. Besides, he had someone in his life. When I came back and I told him about my needing to get away to think about our relationship, he accused me of lying and cheating. If I had, I would not have been honest with him about my weekend away. I have never cheated on any boyfriend. But, 2 boyfriends cheated on me.
  • Most guys, I think, cheat because of physical needs, not emotional. They lie because they know the girlfriend will be mad.
  • I D.O.N.T M dauntless enough to face anyone!
  • Cheating is a relative term. Unless the couple say to each other we will be exclusive then it is not cheating if a guy goes out on his girlfriend. I am not saying cheating is right, I'm just saying others do not know the parameters of a guys relationship with his girl. I believe the only people that matter are the two people in a relationship not others opinions of what is right or wrong. Who am I to concern myself with John Doe's relationship?
  • Real men don't cheat in their relationships. They leave that for the boys.
  • The reasons SOME men cheat on their girlfriends and deny it are not any different then why SOME women cheat on their boyfriends and deny it.
  • Men AND women cheat for various reasons -- they may be insecure, having problems in their relationship, etc, etc. -- and they don't tell because they're afraid that their significant other will be mad and/or leave them, and/or their feelings will be very hurt. Which they obviously will be...
  • Because they don't want to get into trouble! That's any easy question - even for someone who has never cheated! Women are just as bad as men, we are all human beings and all have the desire to procreate. It's just that men are more famous (or infamous!) for doing so! In my experience (of myself and those around me) - which I appreciate may not be the norm - more women have cheated on their boyfriends that vice versa. Of course, men can't win in this subject - especially if television drama is to be believed - If the man cheats, he's in the wrong because he's not appreciating what he has at home and is a contemptably selfish man. However, if the woman cheats, it's the man's fault because he doesn't appreciate her enough and is pushing her away... :-)
  • Because they are two timing liars!
  • Denying is the first thing they think to do. Human reaction to a very sticky situation.
  • The same reason women cheat on boyfriends and deny it ?, Its not allways the mans fault :-)
  • This is not just a male thing, we females, it seems from a recent study are even more guilty than men.
  • Because they CAN..Men & Women!
  • I've never understood the convention that men cheat on their partners more than women do. Who on earth do they do the cheating WITH? The obvious answer is women who are also cheating.
  • the same reason girls cheat on their boyfriends and deny it.... but I don't know what the reason is...
  • I don t know, I have never cheated, although I do know more women that have cheated than men that have.
  • I think they do this is because they think that they can take advantage of you in the way so i think that they should just let them go.
  • For every man that is cheating there is a woman doing the same thing. Either that or there are a few VERY busy women in this world.
  • Men and women cheat for different reasons though... Women cheat because they aren't getting the EMOTIONAL things they need with their spouse (like some women like to be held or told they are beautiful and if their spouse feels live by buying things then many times women will cheat) Men cheat for the rush, because of the sexual pleasure, and because they feel like they won't get caught. Men cheat for their penis women cheat for their heart. No, One IS NOT better than the other just different... And women studies have shown that men will thrust deeper than normal if they think u r cheating!!!)
  • thank you that really answer my qiestion an i willing to ask more question.dealing with you.
  • Men cheat because their significant other isn't providing them with something they feel they need. So, rather than address the problem at hand and fix it, they find someone who will fulfill the "need." They lie about it for various reasons. One being that maybe they're not quite ready to let go of the current girlfriend, but they're also not quite ready to be committed to only that person.
  • Not all men men cheat on the girlfriends and deny it but the ones who do, usually deny it, because they feel uncomfortable admitting they have been dishonest.
  • Sex x husband is a sex addict and cheated for 4 yrs before I caught him. He got a high/thrill from it.
  • because they are idiots
  • because they are sad
  • Searching for an answer, I found this page. It is so sad that a person is dishonest in a relationship. I am involved with this guy who is 10 years older than me and I just found out he is subscribed to a website where he gets profiles from girls from Russia or UK. Is that consider cheating?. He emailed them introducing himself as if he was single. Not because we are not married doesn't mean that he is single. We are leaving together.
  • Cowardice. They don't have the b*lls to tell their partner that they want to leave because they are petrified of hurting their feelings. What they are too idiotic to realize is that by leading them on and lying to them, it is so much more emotionally devastating than being told the truth upfront.
  • Simple. Because they are stuped and think they can get away with lieing. Guys ALWAYS love to be in controle. At least the ones who cheat. THats why they cheat. So when you think about it, Guys who cheat and then lie, are the scum of the earth, and idiots.
  • for the first part i have no clue there dumbasses i guess for the second part who whants to get slapped...i mean come on?:)
  • they cheat because their commitment and what they get from their GF combine to be less than their sex drive. wether it just be their appetite is too great for their GF to handle, or their apetite requires many partners to satisfy. real men either choose to make their commitments more important or not to make those commitments. they deny it because their honesty and belief that they already blew it are less powerful than their hope to get away with it and stay together
  • i was cheated on too... but he had 3 other girls friends on the side i think it was for the excitment or the rush idk... it is just vile to do stuff like that....
  • Would it make you feel better if they admitted it?
  • it wouldnt be cheating if it was common knowledge.
  • They want their cake and eat it too? : )
  • Some men that is (and women). Perhaps they would like to have their cake and eat it too? Just one reason of many I am sure.
  • Because they are liars..but also unhappy!!!
  • not all men do it and alot of women do the same exact thing just asshole people
  • The male generally has a strong inclination towards polygamy due to the raw genetics and physiology of the matter: 1 man can sire hundreds even thousands of offspring, whereas 1 woman can at most bear 20-30 and prefers a tenth that number. Consequently, a man's most basic sexual urge (though by know means necessarily his hearts desire) is to have sex with as many different women as possible. Now, the Pill allows him to indulge thise most basic sexual appetite as it removes the natural counter-balance to it (and the actual reason behind it): the responsibilities of fatherhood. But the fact remains is that for many a man, 1 woman is not enough; assuming he is still happy with his current girlfriend and their relationship, if he cheats, it's not because he wants someone else, but because he wants someone else too. If he lies about it, it's because he thinks she'd leave him if she knew the truth, I'm sure if the girlfriend would still have sex with him, he wouldn't lie about his other activities. If you want to argue for turn-about: the man would object and even terminate the relationship if the woman was cheating on him - because when a woman does that, the primal instinctive reason is that she wants someone else to be the father of her children, but doesn't want to give up her meal ticket. These attitudes and instinctive responses, of course, belong to a day before reliable birth control, but it will take a few thousand generations before these instincts are bred out of the race. Ratinally, STDs aside, given the Pill and "sexual liberation", no one who embraces them has any rational reason for caring who else someone has sex with, any more than they'd care who else someone eats with.
  • lol okay that was funny cuz it's so true... :)
  • Men and women both cheat and they are lost people who don't know what they want from themselves or others. Cheaters will learn the hard way in the end.
  • i don't understand why some guys would cheat on his girlfriend and not want her to leave him. if he's just hurting her why won't he let her go? one of my friends is in that kinda situation. her bf cheated on her but he won't let her go, but he's obviously not happy with just being with her b/c he's still cheating! i don't get it... so this guy is not only denying it but he says crazy stuff like that he wants to marry my friend one day! i know her and she won't wait around for him to change. =/ lol i'm sorry but she tells me the same crap almost everyday! i need to tell someone else! but yeah i'd like to know why men do that too! if a guy wants to cheat then he should be single..
  • i feel proud to be a muslim n an my religion it is a sin and in my country we worship women.he is like an animal who cheat a girl.he have no right to live in this earth.women are beauty on this earth.i become shock when i read survey about usa n europe about relation about woman. this is a only problem for me that i cannot respect usa n europe sociaty n culture -sorry for hurting my brothers but it is is my deeply thaughts by my heart.women are entertain only for men imotions n feelings about her in relation. allaha save hime sure
  • my bf cheated on me recently and when i asked him "why???" he couldn't answer me! It's really sad because in spite of all the love and kindness I've given and showed him, he still managed to fucked me over?! I know it's done and there's nothing i can do about it now but move on but what kills me most is that he led me on and treated me really badly before he finally decided to tell me the truth... cold hearted guy! All i ever wanted was a little honesty from him, cheating is unnecessary - it's trivial, stupid and immature.... I mean really... for what??? because you're fucking horny??? My goodness! My point is they cheat because they're weak, selfish and sick!
  • my bf cheated on me recently and when i asked him "why???" he couldn't answer me! It's really sad because in spite of all the love and kindness I've given and showed him, he still managed to fucked me over?! I know it's done and there's nothing i can do about it now but move on but what kills me most is that he led me on and treated me really badly before he finally decided to tell me the truth... cold hearted guy! All i ever wanted was a little honesty from him, cheating is unnecessary - it's trivial, stupid and immature.... I mean really... for what??? because you're fucking horny??? My goodness! My point is they cheat because they're weak, selfish and sick!
  • Do they?How did you know this?
  • I'm in a relationship with a man who is cheating on his long-distance girlfriend. I don't stress over it; it's his world; I'm just in it--using him as well as he is using me. So there.
  • Men cheat because they can. When you get into your 40s and 50s, the ratio of women to men is, like, 3:1. So men can easily have more than one partner. And if a woman in her 40s or 50s wants a boyfriend, she may decide to just put up with it. When there are so few good men around in our age group, why not share? What the h___l?
  • For me it's not about being insecure or him leaving me. It's about the truth. I've seen texts from one particular girl on my boyfriens cell phone. Saying things like "you told me you love me", "you're destroying me", "how could you leave me like this?" and then there is his response "I do love you, but you got to stop hurting me when you get angry with me" and "I know I promise you and I'll be over there today", "Come outside and get your money and your shirts". Then the ultimate text was sent to me from her pretending to be someone else letting me know in her own suttled way she is sleeping with my man. When I showed him the text, he got angry with me broke up with me and did the blame game. She convinced him it was all me. After many apologies from me which I always find myself doing when I know I'm not at fault because I love him and don't want to lose him (at that time)we get back together. The other woman claim she is his sponsor (drugs/crack) not his bed partner but yet she sends texts making those comments. He denys everything. He has recieved some bad advice about women from someone close and now every woman is paying for that first love mistakes. I don't trust him anymore and contemplated leaving so many times but it's my love for him that keeps me standing still. However; there is a thin line between love and hate and I'm just about at the breaking point. I'm tired of the dishonestly, cheating, and his control over everything. He uses money to substitute for everything including sex. There is no compassion, or communication and he doesn't care if I leave him because he has his spare. She knows all about me because he tells her but I can't mention her name he gets angry and accuse me of being insecure and tell me I'm well off base. This is the same lady that cause so much drama before he get so angry behind the mentioning of her name. The only one getting hurt is me. I've gone back to school to get this off my mind. I'm 45 and want to grow with a man who loves me for me and when he has me as I him, he knows that there is no other for us but each other.
  • For the same reason the women who don't admit it do it, they don't want to get caught and lose the secure relationship they are in.
  • cuz she will beat his ass and he doesnt want the other girl just the best of both worlds: relationship and hot irresponsible sex
  • Holy Shit ! you wanted a answer and got a million.
  • Sexual you got to keep a backup. Atleast this is the gest I get from the guys I work with.
  • because women will WANT to believe them. And stay.
  • Same reason women do I suppose.
  • I can think of two reasons. First, they want more sexual variety in their lives and don't like being restricted to one partner. Second, the guy may have already emotionally "checked out" of the relationship, so cheating is the next step. And the answer to the second half of your question is simple. What man, when confronted with accusations of infidelity, is going to say, "Yes, I did it?" They don't want to incur the wrath of their girlfriends, and men are very avoidant when it comes to ending relationships because they can't deal with their partners' emotional reactions. I am not saying any of it is right, but there's your probable cause for the behavior.
  • why do women cheat on their boyfreinds and deny it?

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