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  • Like a proverb says: "There are other fish in the sea."
  • My experience is I never got over it. Every other female is a poor substitute for the one who got away. I'm over 70 and she's still on my mind nearly every day.
  • It's NOT easy but let me assure you that you DESERVE better!!! Get out & meet new people. There's another woman out there just waiting to meet a good man & she will love you as you DESERVE to be loved!!! If you're sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself & pining over the bish who does NOT deserve you, this waiting lady may get away. The old one was NOT as wonderful as you've made her in your mind. She lied to you, she cheated on you. She wasn't even adult enough to be HONEST with you about the why she was leaving. WHY would you give her permission to keep on hurting you??? So, move on & the forgetting her will follow!!!

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