• Well, one's a pitcher and one's a catcher....unless the catcher has a strap-on, then it's a whole other ballgame. xD
  • There are so many kinds of love. Eros for example, a man would most likely be attracted initially to the physical beauty and how a woman carries herself. As far as how love is expressed it can vary a lot. Being raised in a house with 5 sisters, i emulated some ways of expressing love that would be deemed feminine, yet depending on the circumstance may be quite masculine. I can be verbal or i can be quietly demonstrative. There is literally a ful spectrum of possibilities in a man and in a woman. question is what has been cultivated in the one you are in relationship to?
    • Cry me a River
      Thanks for your complicated answer!? Or are you trying to complicate my question? Hardy har har
    • Linda Joy
      I'm pretty sure he's being sincere. He's a sweet guy.
  • Women give sex to get love and men feign love to get sex. Men fall in love with their eyes, women with their ears. I may be back with more, but that's all I got right now.
  • depends on the person
  • Men will say to women "I love you" when they mean I want to have sex with you. Women believe these men and give in to them and THEN find that the man actually meant "what I feel for you is LUST". LOVE, to a man, does not, in most cases, really mean love but women do not use that word until they truly mean it. This is why there are so many mismatched marriages. They were doomed from the outset.

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