• Why do you assume that's what people think? Do you know the minds of everyone?
    • Linda Joy
      And you just made that definition up! What is wrong with you people? You can find the definition just by keying the word in your search engine!! Why would you make shit up?!! Especially especially!! Especially adverb 1. used to single out one person, thing, or situation over all others. "he despised them all, especially Sylvester" synonyms: mainly, mostly, chiefly, principally, for the most part, in the main, on the whole, largely, by and large, to a large extent, to a great degree, predominantly, above all, first and foremost, basically, substantially, overall, in general, particularly, in particular, primarily, generally, usually, typically, commonly, as a rule; More 2. to a great extent; very much. "he didn't especially like dancing" synonyms: exceptionally, particularly, specially, very, extremely, singularly, peculiarly, distinctly, unusually, extraordinarily, extra, uncommonly, uniquely, remarkably, strikingly, outstandingly, amazingly, incredibly, awfully, terribly, really, unwontedly, notably, markedly, decidedly, surprisingly, conspicuously, signally; More
    • Linda Joy
      Time to break out of this funny farm for a few hours!!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I looked in Merriam Webster's Dictionary, and saw a similar definition as the OP: sexism. (noun) 1 : prejudice or discrimination based on sex especially : discrimination against women. 2 : behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. I'll provide more details in my own answer...
    • Linda Joy
      I was obviously referring to this person's made up definition for especially (Especially since I copied in the definition for especially!!).and please do keep your own opinions in your own answer area! Thank you!
    • Linda Joy
      The definition on sexism is correct, as it is ESPECIALLY directed towards women, and since none of you men have ever been one you wouldn't know!! I've had men handling me all my life in a way I never asked for from the time I was 3 years old and it is backed up by an entire human history full of statistics as well! Yes it can happen to men, but more men wish it would than have ever had it happen to them. But it will catch up it always does!! Then you can cry yourself to sleep for real while someone hurts you and you're afraid to say anything!! Well no more! The only reason these accusations ever happened in the first place was because men abused women all throughout history and thought it was o.k.! And each and every one of them will face God!! But I have a son and a grandson, and I wouldn't want them falsely accused also women who do such will also face God, but I think (meaning my personal belief) is that every woman whose ever falsely accused someone of molestation will face the women who've been molested and apologize for causing others not to believe! But I'm also thankful I can leave it in the past where it belongs and not allow my molesters to continue to hurt me in my present! That's between you and God and I wash my hands of you! Let me focus on helping others through it. While you men chuckle and yuk it up like just because some women false reported no woman should be believed. Well, you will all stand before God too, and answer for each of your actions for good or bad. And just because some of you don't believe it doesn't mean it WON'T HAPPEN TO YOU, TOO!
  • Especially (adverb): 2a : in particular : PARTICULARLY b : for a particular purpose 3 used as an intensive. I'd say that's accurate. Sexism, when applied toward men is typically called "reverse sexism." So, why would one be called "reverse" if it wasn't atypical?!
  • Absolutely not they can't. Of course that's what you'll hear many say. That's why it's okay to have groups for women only but not men. Women can go to the YMCA but men can't go to the YWCA. You can have a Congressional Women's Caucus, but not one for men. You have 34 all female colleges, but only 4 all male colleges. You have business and educational grants for only women, but you can't have any for just men. And I won't even get into the whole MeToo bullshit.
    • Linda Joy
      Lets not fail to mention all the so called 'gentlemens' clubs that preceded them! AND outnumber them exponentially! (figuratively speaking) But don't forget these, either:
    • Linda Joy
      There is nothing wrong with womens' groups or mens' groups! But sexism is sexism regardless of whom the victim is and your nonsensical babbling only serves to minimize it and this is not just some pimple on your ass! IT CHANGES WHO YOU ARE!!! FOREVER!!
    • Archie Bunker
      Ummm, women are allowed in gentlemen's clubs, Linda. Maybe you didn't get the memo. Minimize it? WTF does that mean?

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