• Now Dr.Payne is down right funny ! Butts ... well I would probably have a hard time controlling myself. But as a kid we had a doctor named Snotts ... and yes, I could never keep a straight face.
  • Dr. Repaire. Its a French name pronounced rep-eee-a.(long a as in way)..Americans say repair as in its broken so he will repair it.
    • Linda Joy
      I just heard about a surgeon named Dr. Hacker!
    • Mircat
  • I had a dentist named Dr. Mangle. Knew a urologist named Dr. Wizner. And a primary doctor whose name was pronounced torture-ello. Not sure of the spelling on that last one
  • When I lived on the east side of Detroit, many moons ago, there were billboards for Dr. Barfy, gastroenterologist and for Bender chiropractic. I really thought that the Dr. Barfy one was hilarious. There was also a Dr. Hertz, but I don't know his specialty.
  • There was a doctor in Halifax NS who's name was I. W. Killam. Isaac Walton Killam.
  • Dr. Fartine.😇😉😋😍
  • I had a doctor named Harold Packer. He told me once that he absolutely HATED the nickname 'Harry" they hung on him in school. He said he hated being called "Harry Packer" because it sounded so close to hairy pecker.
  • I just saw a Dr. Mullarkey a week or two ago! Dr. Mullarkey refilled a bunch of meds prescribed for a radiation burn that healed at least 6 mos ago.
  • I had a Dr dick once and he was a dick.
  • Dr Itis

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