• yes and thank you
  • Yes many times I have wished I could. And thanks for the heads up too.
  • wonder where you goggle it
    • Linda Joy
      You go to and key it in.
  • Ummmmm, no.
    • Linda Joy
      Your questions are only 4 Pages deep! Eventually you might. And now you already know how!
    • Abha
      I don`t search for a question on ab. I just ask them when i want some opinions and also post what i think in that empty space....
    • Abha
      off course there`s not been much time since i am here....on questions would certainly be less, than people who are here for years......
    • Linda Joy
      I asked a lot more my first 3 months here than I have lately. it would have taken me a long time to find this question I posted at my 3 month mark paging through AB.
    • Abha
      I don`t have so much time to spend on this site....Like going on posting questions and all.......
  • Sure you can, just push the right button!
  • maybe but ive never tried to search for a question
  • Type your search, then
  • Yes I miss chelsealee's questions
  • It would be ideal for this website to have a feature for searching for questions. It would be like talking to a brick wall trying to get through to the Answerbag staff for suggestions because either they don’t look at our questions and answers or that they don’t bother listening to our ideas and suggestions. It would be more helpful for Answerbag users to search for questions on the website more than Google if the staff update the website with that particular feature but I think that will be never.

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