• Yes, it was a great decision. The colors are more vivid than before and no more nightblindness and inability to tolerate bright lights.
    • Linda Joy
      Besides the fact its progressive. I'm glad it helped you! My sister struggled with the eye drops. I do too! I have hand tremors and can't see well without my glasses and the drops can't go through them! I did some research and found out there are devices designed to assist with that. Makes sense, if enough people struggle with it.
  • My DR told me I have the beginning of cataracts.
  • I had both eyes done nearly 10 years ago. I'm really happy with the results.
  • Yes, I had cataracts in both eyes and had surgery in both. A few years later I developed macular degeneration in both eyes. the MD is stable now and I can still see well.
  • Yup the optometrist said I had them in both eyes, but they aren't yet bad enough for the surgery. 12/25/23. Merry Christmas.
  • An ophthsmologist from a local teaching hospital diagnosed me with severe cateracts. The earliest I could schedule a consult is 1/30/23.

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