• Firstly, length, genre, and style don't really matter- there's a large range of successful books, some are only 80 pages long, some are 1000 pages and can still be good, genres can range from realistic fiction to fantasy, and styles can be from either very descriptive to to-the-point. Its hard to answer this question because there's not a real strict definition of what a good book is. However, here are some things i've found: The hero's circle is used in some of what's been considered the greatest novels and stories of all times. If you're confused on what this is, simply type in 'hero's circle' into your search engine and there'll be plenty of resources for you to check out. Characters are a main part. Characters aren't Mary Sues or Gary Sues, instead, the best characters are often relate able on some level, and overall, human. Relationships. Since relationships are a part of everyday life, incorporating them into books makes it easier for us to connect to different characters. Seeing how relationships grow, go through difficulties, etc. is relate able for the audience and makes the story more entertaining. A deeper meaning. Whether it is self-sacrifice, overcoming obstacles, or finding the truth, there's always a deeper meaning or purpose of the story. It should leave the reader feeling like they've learned something. Hope this helps! :)
  • Listed here are 10 components that can make your book better: 1. A strong opening 2. Satisfying, fitting rhythm 3. Effective description 4. Balanced showing and telling 5. Different and developed figures 6. Script-worthy dialogue 7. Strong internal story logic 8. A great balance of hysteria and release 9. A feeling of originality 10. The important thing to writing a great book: An enjoyable conclusion Writing a great book depends upon multiple factors: You'll need a wise decision, an enthusiastic feeling of the rhythm of words, a knack for character development and much more. Make certain you have to pay conscious focus on why and how you set the components in the above list and you'll write your very best book.
  • How good of a wordsmith the author is. The length of the book means nothing.. unless the writing sucks then you want it as short as possible maybe a paper instead of a book.
  • write about something that people will find interesting
  • write abou your life
  • to rnake it interesting

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