• High fantasy is popular. I'm American so don't know about European publishing I know where to get an information packet for the Christian genre. I can edit your English. Good luck!
    • Bell Kranel
      The same questions can go to the american publishing houses , do i have to be an american to publish my book with them ? , do they will edit my English mistakes ? , and what is better ? .. Publishing in Europe or in america ?
    • Linda Joy
      I don't know I've never published. I've just had opportunities that I declined. This may help:
  • In the modern day, with the Internet, it doesn't much matter where you live. I think it's perfectly possible for you to publish in Europe. When it comes to editing your English, you'll want to have your book as polished as possible before sending it to the professionals. Get your friends to read it and tell you what needs to be fixed. Find other writers who can also help. You can even hire a freelance editor. The publishing house *will* help you edit, but first you have to convince them to buy it, and that means you want the book to be as good as you can possibly make it. (You can also write in your native language. I'm sure there are places that publish books in that language, and if it does well, the publisher might sell translations to other countries.) Most publishers nowadays don't accept queries directly from writers. You'll want to find a literary agent first. Find one who works in Europe with high fantasy novels, and once your book is ready, query them. Once you're accepted by an agent, they may help you edit further, and they will send to the publishing house. Because the publisher already trusts the agent, they'll pay attention to what they send. (Also, the agent will know what publishers are most likely to buy your book.) Any genre has a fanbase waiting for more good books. Just make sure that there's something unique about yours. That's what publishers want to see: the special part of your book that makes it different from the others.

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