• lavender
      And how is that so far?
  • Not currently reading one. I've been without energy. But my favorite series was the Stephanie Plumb novels by Janet Evanovitch. It starts with One for the Money, and you can read them online free if you want. Favorite genre, probably mystery and comedy.
  • Your question! :P
  • America The Farewell Tour by Chris Hedges
    • Roaring
      Now it's" Ishmael " by Daniel Quinn
  • 12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson
  • "50 Secrets Of Magic Craftsmanship" by Salvador Dali!
  • Currently I am reading The Book Of The Bee. Usually I read around 3 books at the time. I am also reading Devine Sex, and The forgotten Books Of Eden. I am also reading Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth but can take it only in small doses because it is very difficult to read.
    • Subject 89P13
      Are you the guy named Thinker who was in AB4Adults?
    • Thinker
      Not sure, but might have been. I was on the adult page of the old Answerbag. Why?
  • My Bible.
    • Thinker
      Reading the KJV is always good. Have you read any of the early writings about the Bible? Try reading, The forgotten Books of Eden, The Cave of Treasures, The Book of the Bee. They can be found at Look under Bible and Christianity. Also read The Royal Law of Liberty by Darwin Chandler, Amazon has all these books on Kindle or print.
    • ReiSan
      The Bible is primitive fiction used to swindle people.
    • Rick Myres
      You can think that all you want to. Just know if you leave this life without Jesus it was your choice.
    • Pei Chia-Li
      Rick needs to be careful about dying and not worshiping Zeus. He uses Pascal's Wager that is illogical.
  • Reading two: Tiamat's Wrath (James S.A. Corey) and The Girl with All the Gifts (Mike Carey). My favorite genre is sci-fi. I rarely venture out of that, post apocalyptic, dystopian, or horror.
  • nothing right now
  • I am reading a novel I wrote that is titled "1933: The Case Of the Demon Ragtop". I did the cover and illustrations that show people in 1933 clothing. The title Ragtop (Convertible) is a 1933 Deusenberg "SJ Speedster" automobile. Also shown is a 1933 Tokarev Russian military pistol. It ties in with Japan's attack upon China that began in 1931. I wrote and illustrated a series of books set in the past, e,.g. "1926: Buried Alive:, "1914: Indecent Exposure", "1616: Yabu no Naka", "898: 4 Red Nails.
  • Other than the
  • I am writing the 7th Edition of "The Costliest Watch Brands". I recall when I wrote the First Edition, my pal Ken Fong said his pal told him Rolex is the costliest watch brand. I showed him some lists in my book, and Rolex was at or very near the bottom on all of them. Rolex is vastly overrated. Rolex spends practically twice as much on ads as any other brand, so it is hyped. It takes about two years for each edition. I write many lists. I recall one edition had 96 lists of quite specific types of watches. The first and simplest list may be Hours Only Watches, and the 96th list has watches that combine several Major Complications. I score them by a couple of methods. Then I go through 96 lists and list all the scores for each brand. Then, I average the scores. I trust you can see that this takes much time and effort. In the first three editions of my book, Breguet placed first each time. Then, Swatch bought Breguet and lowered prices. Richard Mille has won the last three times. Now, his cheapest watch costs $132,000. Incidentally, Rolex's costliest watch cost $62,500. As you see Richard Mille's cheapest watch costs 2.11 times as much as Rolex's costliest watch. New on the scene is Graff that presented in 2014 its "Hallucination" watch covered with diamonds of various colors. It sold for $55,000,000. In 2015, it presented its "Fascination" watch covered with diamonds for $40,000,000.
  • Aesthetics Vol 2 by Dietrich von Hildebrand

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