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  • I never really had any, I like women too much. Especially women with (or called) nice jugs ! Hehe ;D
  • I was about 17 and went west with these two guys in their van and when we got to Arizona they wanted to go to a strip club. One of the dancers there - who probably was not much older then me - the way she moved was really captivating and I started heating up. So much so that after the show I went back to try to meet her. But there were all these guys around her so I knew she would not want to have anything to do with me.
  • I started noticing girls the way I did with guys. I was probably in grade nine at the time.
  • My story is a little --- weird. My gf and I have been together ten years and have three children together. We are, for the most part, pretty traditional. (That is, if you don't count the part about us wanting to live together and have a family but not be married.) However, for a while before my gf became pregnant with our first child, she was into the idea of gay sex between men. We would laugh about it - and even watched some gay porn - but at her office Christmas party I met a colleague of her's. Good looking guy, slightly younger than me. A few days later my gf came to me and told me that the guy was gay and had confided to her that he thought I was really "hot." We laughed, but then my gf asked if I would be willing to sleep with him - she thought it would be really sexy to watch us. I about fell on the floor and we actually had a bit of an argument over it. However, I got the guilts. First, my gf is about as open to, and selfless about, sex with me as anyone I have ever been with. She will often tell me that she believes that she should be open to sex whenever I need it. I generally try to be sensitive to her moods and needs to, but honestly, I probably don't always hold back when I should and she has probably had sex with me at times when she would really rather have just gone to bed or watched a movie. Second, he was not that bad looking and while I am straight, I have to admit that I tend to like the idea of experimenting, so to speak. So, I relented. He - I did not know at the time - had actually suggested this to my gf, but had said that he wanted to sleep with me one on one so "he could get used to me." After much to-ing and fro-ing, I agreed and we had sex two or three times. To my surprise, after the first time, it was not bad and I actually found I enjoyed it sort of. So for a few weeks after that we would put on a "show" for my gf. It didn't last, though. Once the novelty wore off, my gf and I found we just wanted each other again. The guy just wanted me and the emotions started to bubble up toward the surface. Eventually we politely ended it - helped by the fact that he eventually got a new job. About a year after that, my gf surprised both of us with an unexpected - but probably perfectly predictable - pregnancy, and when the doc puts that little baby in your arms for the first time, suddenly "experimental" sex does not seem like such a good idea anymore. Still, it was quite an adventure and if I were not a bit embarrassed about the whole thing, I figure I would have one hell of a movie script. So, long story short, what was my first thought? "Hmmm, I never thought I would be having gay sex - but at least he's good looking."
    • officegirl
      Well we are all capable of enjoying same sex activity as well as opposite sex. Though we may not choose to. So I think is too bad to go labeling people one thing or another as though its somehow a life sentence or something. Girl/girl has become more socially acceptable I guess because most of us are affectionate and multiply orgasmic and it pleases some men to think about that. Whereas men being together - well that means if they are with one another then we are not the center of attention. Though I think younger women are less bothered by that than my generation. A former boyfriend once had sex with his close friend in front of me and it was fascinating to say the least - very rugged and hard and no affection - but ultimately not something I wanted to see or think about. So you are courageous to discuss your "experiment" publicly the way you are. Oh are you saying that your play partner might be the biological father of your child? Thank you for sharing.
    • dorat
      As regards your question, no, my eldest was born long after we had cut things off with the other guy. We called things off mostly, I think, because the novelty had worn off. My gf always found gay sex between guys as a sort of turn on, but the emotions were not there, For me, I am quite hetero and while I was surprised by the degree to which I enjoyed the sex, honestly, I just wanted to be with my gf. (As you can tell, I am quite head over heels for her. She is my everything,) I agreed to the gay sex because she always gives me what I want and I thought, because I love her, that I had no right to refuse her one of the things she asked for. Certainly, if circumstances had not made the opportunity possible, I would not have gone out of my way to make it happen. At any rate, to my surprise, the sex was good and - I don't know, maybe because he was gay - it was not rugged, at least I didn't think so. (I tried both top - which was easy - and bottom - which was not as painful as I thought it was going to be. At least you can say that guys are expert at knowing what guys like, I guess.) Anyhow, long way around, the guy was gay and my gf never had sex with him. (We have, except for the occasional surprise we arranged for one another - and then we almost always watched each other - been monogamous. Since our first baby was born, we have been exclusively so. ) Thanks for the kind words. I felt a little funny telling the story - and I did shorten the telling somewhat for reasons of space - but this is an honest forum and the whole idea is that others can learn from your experience. Grant that I won't be posting my real full name and address up here, but in the end, who knows? Maybe someone will see some answer to their own questions in something I have written.
    • officegirl
      I always am hoping that something I have written on here will be of some help to someone. Especially young women. But I don't know. That might be fooling myself because every generation seems to figure it out on their own anew! On the former AB the advertiser eventually obliged them to delete anything deemed adult or what they thought of as offensive so I watched so many answers I had really labored over and really was proud of get suppressed one by one over about a fifteen month period before I gave up AB which was a month or two before they pulled the plug. So far that has not happened on the new AB thank God. Hi I'm Donna - that is really my name - which I would reveal to friends on here in private messaging which as yet we are unable to do on the current site. A few closer friends I did reveal my last name to - I took my husband's name. But obviously of course I want to protect myself as well as my husband and our home.
    • dorat
      Just for the record - your answers have been very interesting and hugely helpful. I love my gf with all my heart and we share everything. However, I always want to know more about how women feel about things like sex and the like. You are not kidding yourself. What you have written has been helpful to me and I have even discussed some of what you have written with my gf. She peruses the site but I am the one who discovered it and kind of jumped in. That said, I always ask her if what I am writing will embarrass her or upset her before I write it. She has never had a problem with it - and of course, that said, it is all anonymous anyhow. In that regard, by the way, Hi - I'm James. Nice to meet you Donna.
  • During that first communal prison shower...
    • Ponystar too! XD
  • For me it was in middle school during a sleepover. We all talked and I realized I wasn't the only one that loved playing with her pussy. Or watching over girls play.
  • I was always attracted to boys, but in high school, I started noticing the girls. I tried being heterosexual for a few years but I found I still wanted sex with boys.
  • I've played softball all my life and even though I'm "straight" and into guys, I noticed that I was having thoughts about some of the girls on my team, and not just that they were good players or even that they were pretty. Much more sexual thoughts.

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