• You can look forward to using it for the long term, actually forever.
    • Cry me a River
      Not so.. there is payday someday.
    • Linda Joy
      Exactly! But then again, I read about being placed on a mountaintop and letting the animals eat your flesh. That way your death can promote life! I kinda like that idea. Payday, as you call it won't influence the fact a decomposing body needs a legal place to be disposed. My earthly body won't be coming with me to Heaven.
  • i think it would be easier to sleep in a bed, ive had to sleep in an airbed the past yr cause of bugs in rny building, irn afraid to get a regular bed cause bugs live on the rnattress, never replaced rny couch cause i didnt want anything with cushions on it
    • Linda Joy
      They make protective covers for mattresses to keep the bugs out. Couches are another story! Does your building not have an exterminator?
    • pearllederman
      yes and ive had rny place heat treated and sprayed 5 tirnes, i tried those covers and it didnt help and i got tired of the bugs which is why i got an airbed, i havent seen those bugs since ive been sleeping on an airbed

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