• Ice man
      Good answer, maybe the navy could save a fortune by not having to repaint their rusting ships.
    • Ice man
      What a splendid idea. With intelligence like that you could become a half star general in Her Magistrates Navy.
    • Roaring
      There was a type of guardrail used in PA in the 70's that was designed to rust and then would stop to preserve the rest of the metal. These guardrails did last as long as the galvanized ones. Not sure why they didn't keep using them.
  • Non squeaking bed springs. I think the results of that would greatly improve the quality of life by leading to more "afternoon delight".
  • If possible time travel be next best thing. Not sure on quality of life.
  • Hopefully a cure for cancer.
  • have no idea
    • Roaring
      If you could invent something what would it be?
  • How about a reversible coma-inducing alarm clock? No more yelling "QUIET! I'M TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP!"

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