• Too many to choose just one! Self driving cars, the massive improvements in the electric cars, solar roofs the large Hadron collider, curiosity (on Mars), human like robots, biomedical engineering! Seriously bionic eyes and 3D printing of body parts! Unreal!!
    • Ice man
      It's kind of like deciding on a favorite type of pie, eh?
    • Linda Joy
      Harder! Chocolate cream is my favorite pie!
  • I would not classify this as the best but certainly one of the most influential inventions was that of the smart phone as it is today. It is molding an entire generation and influencing how a large portion of the population react and respond to the rest of the world. It can stimulate the economy while at the same time putting people in debt. It has made a huge impact on a large part of the world. Personally I would pick those vanilla oreos with the chocolate cream as the best.
    • Linda Joy
      I was going to say that! But then I learned that smart phones were invented more than 20 years ago. "People didn't start using the term "smartphone" until 1995, but the first true smartphone actually made its debut three years earlier in 1992"
    • WaterMaster
      That is why I used the clarifier "as it is today" because the original smart phones were not as simple to use or have near the applications that the current ones have. I could have phrased it differently by saying "Iphone" but I really don't care for those and didn't want to glorify them anymore than they already are.

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