• OMG. That is so stupid. Now I really have heard it all.
  • If the company is offering it to their employees, who am I to say otherwise? All I can say is that I won't offer it to my employees.
  • Frivolous. More important is maternity leave. Perhaps the father can have off a short time as well when and just after a child is born
  • I think it is the best things any company can offer its employee. The employee who are dog lovers will love these concepts of pawternity leave.
    • Shimon Darmon
      Hilarious.. I agree totally as I am a pet lover.
  • This sounds great. Does getting a fish qualify? Where is the cutoff? A robot dog? Whatever the minimum, I'll sign up for some free time off.
  • If you're a company that offers that, you deserve to go out of business.
  • i dont see anything wrong with it
  • Why not? That’d be a nice job perk. One of the companies said it is specifically for rescue dogs- I like that.
  • I think it is a very important thing, why shouldn't dads be able to take time off work to be with their newborn baby. And people who say otherwise obviously have never had a kid.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      "Paw"ternity leave, i.e. paid family leave for employees who adopt a new pet. The title of the article in the link is "7 companies that give staff paid time off when they get a puppy"
  • What, letting your dog or cat take time off from guarding/lording it over the home after fathering kittens or puppies? Nah. There isn't much that most fathers of small animals do to help care for them. After conception takes place, they're really out of the picture.

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