• It can be a number of reasons: 1. Looking for a mother figure. 2. Looking for a woman who is more mature. 3. Attracted to a woman who is more experienced and possibly less likely to enter into marriage lightly. 4. Just as some women like older men for unknown (to us) reasons, some men are attracted to older women. 5. It makes the man look younger physically, and perhaps also feel younger, unless the woman is in very good shape and also perhaps doesn't look 10 years older.
  • More experience and they hold be closer to there sexual prim.
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      Where is "there"? And what is "sexual prim", and why have you just added that onto your answer willy-nilly? Your answer is silly and totally nonsensical.
  • Various reasons! Here are a few I came up with. -Older women are usually more experienced, and may be willing to try more daring things sexually. -An older woman will likely be less dependant upon a man, and have her own life/things. -Personal preference. Some men may want a mature, drama-free relationship and feel that an older woman is the way to go. -An older woman COULD be less likely to want children and marriage or a strong commitment from the young man. (Although they could also be more likely to want these things, due to the ticking of their 'biological clocks') The same could be asked about younger women wanting older men...
  • For me, It would be partly because she doesnt have all the sometimes perverse hangups/concerns that girls under 25 often have. (often found in the sub-text of girly magazines - Note: guy perspective). Or to put it another way, Older is more attractive because she thinks more like a guy than a younger girl does.
  • A friend told me he likes 40 year olds instead of 20 year olds because they are more mature. I personally think age doesnt matter.
  • Because they know what they want...
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  • Because they love ....and age is just a number....
  • I don't know, I'm 47. Let me ask my 29 yr old b/f.LOL
  • Older women are a lot more attractive, interesting, sexy, fun, appreciative and hotter !
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  • I don't get up in the morning thinking, "Wow, I think I'd like to meet an older woman today." But, if I happen to meet a woman that I like and she happens to be older, so be it. That said, I'm usually attracted to younger women more often.
  • Lots of younger guys say that they prefer older women because they're calmer, can cook, have their own money, are more confident, sexually experienced and comfortable with their bodies, know how to treat a man, are knowledgeable about the world and much more interesting people due to their experiences. A woman in her 40s is in her sexual prime and hot to trot. Younger women focus on commitment and getting pregnant and worrying about who is cheating on them. Older women want hot sex and freedom and ain't trying to have a baby or worry about where the guy is when there are so many other guys out there to pick from. Works out well for both parties. Ms. HeartBeat
  • Experience:)
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      Sometimes we do not need many words to explain, don't we???
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      I left a word out - - need. It is a shame that we cannot edit or correct.
  • Sexual appeal, contrary to the current magazine hype, has little to do with age. The current ideal model seems to be an airbrushed 13 year old on the cover of a fashion magazine...Sorry, life experience and, yes, age count for a lot when it comes to sexual desirability.
  • I am mre attracted to older women (married one in fact) because they're closer to their sexual prime, are more experienced in sex and life, and aren't shy anymore about what they want done to them. They just tell us what we want and we service them.
  • Many reasons. I've met a lot of guys who were seeking a mother figure so they tended to go for older women. Funny how that works.
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  • Why not?
  • They just do, the same as some women (me included) go for older men.
  • Very short answer: Those older women know how to do it....
  • One answer is that they favor a mother figure and feel the need to be mothered
  • Because it somehow seems better being bossed around by an older woman.

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