• More tolerant of cranky elders. less tolerant of loud persistent voices and pop whiny music. On a religious scale, very tolerant as long as they're not in your face with it. Politically i like a good issue-focused debate with those of different persuasions. No tolerance for political corruption & enviornmental exploitation.
  • Less tolerant. The older I get the more BS I am able to see, and the less effective are the smokescreens idiots use, to try and camouflage their crap. The same tricks, lies, ploys and subterfuges that used to fool me at least some of the time when I was young, I now see coming a mile away. When a fast-talking salesman, or cunning con man starts his spiel now, I look at him, and wonder how stupid he must be to think this is going to work on me, then I realize he is very friggin' stupid, as he can't even tell a easy target from a hard target....which is like THE most basic level of any con job. Which brings us to the willfully stupid. It's one thing to be born a retard, but to intentionally embrace ones inner 'tard again and again is quite different. I have zero tolerance for deliberate idiots....whether it is the proverbial 'dumb blond' that only pretends she is dumb to score guys, or them that believe every word of CNN, NYT, or Rachel Madcow...even after being lied to again and again and again, and even after knowing they were lied to again and again and again.
    • Army Veteran
      "Madcow" - LOL!
  • The more Political Correctness teaches tolerance the less tolerant I become. The insanity we've seen just over the last few decades...we've spent hundreds of centuries recognizing two genders and suddenly PC tells us that there is a kaleidoscope of different genders that are able to change at will - men who identify as a woman today can identify as a dog tomorrow - white people identifying as African Americans and then condemning their own race. And the world is supposed to accept it as if it were biologically possible. Violent protests are referred to as "peaceful" while being associated with former President Trump is a violation of national security. You have racial groups falsely claiming "white supremacy" (when there is no such thing) just to justify their own racism.
  • As I age, I don't give a sh*t.
  • I'm more tolerant in some areas & less tolerant in others. I'm finding it to be my patience that's in danger of dying!!! 😇

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