• Good question. I wonder where he's from originally?
  • Malkovich is fluent in French and for nearly 10 years, lived and worked in a theatre in southern France. French influence on an upper-class Illinois accent, coupled with Malkovich's time living in Cambridge, Mass, produces an aristocratic drawl to vowels, a halting, intentional sound to consonants, and a French clatter to hard digraph sounds. To me, it seems that Malkovich's brain juggles his words between these different influences. His exactness of pronunciation feels like work, since most of us speak English with a familiar laziness. This gives the effect that English is not his first language. This is not to say that he isn't an amazing communicator, because he is, and I think much of his success as an actor is due to people enjoying the unique way he speaks.
  • I've never figured it out, i mean it's like a mixture of "i might be gay" and "You all know i'm not gay, so WTF!"
  • Maybe he thinks you have a funny accent.

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