• Here is a true story ------- One day I was playing golf and caught up with the group ahead. One fellow introduced himself as a pastor at a local Baptist church. As we neared the last hole, he turned to me and asked; "B.H., do you know if you will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell? " I thought for a few seconds and answered; " I can't really say for sure, but I hope they have a nice golf course there!"
  • My wife and I were playing the “Animal Guessing Game” with our almost 4 year old grandson, Jimmie. That’s where one person thinks of an animal and other people ask “yes or no” questions about that animal until they can identify the animal. Jimmie’s pretty young so sometimes the questions are a bit more than “yes or no”. We were trying to guess Jimmie’s animal and I asked, “What does this animal eat?” Jimmie responded, “Cat food”!
  • Donald Trumps latest address to the UN is a funny story of small chinchilla of a man, thinking he's done more than he actually has.
  • dont have any right now
  • Here's a couple I posted on FB about my recently deceased sister Rosemary: Linda Joy She used to imitate Shirly McClain doing the little girl in the big rocking chair on Laugh-in. One day she was doing her and saying "birdie birdie in the sky... Just then her husband burst through the door and said "Where the he#! is my car!?" The city had towed it. Linda Joy When we lived in El Paso she painted the windows for Christmas (made cookies and all that before her brain injury) well she had a tube of red paint and it was clogged. I was washing dishes. She set the tube on the counter and pressed hard to clear the blockage. It shot out and hit me in the chest! lol it got all in my hair, too! And it was red like fresh blood! We both laughed so hard! She was very good to me! And she had two of the most beautiful babies I'd ever seen!

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