• Because it's the duty of another person who finds your question useful or not to do that. Not the person answering.
  • I do point when I answer a question, if I thought it was good enough to answer, it is good enough to point.
  • I try to uprate all questions that I answer. It's my way of reminding myself that I have already answered that question. The only reasons I can think of for not giving points to a question are: 1. A glitch. I clicked on the + button but the points did not register. 2. I have run out of points for a certain user. For example, I usually run out of points for users who post lots of questions, like keithold, sm00z and Zack.
  • I always uprate what I answer. Unless: -I am out of points for the asker. -It's going to get flagged. For example, people who post statements instead of questions. I will remind them that AB is a Q&A site, so best to stick to the format. Or it's a Q that asks for or offers points, I will let the person know that it's against the rules to do so and then flag it.
  • I don't ask that many questions but when I do I try to update almost all the people that respond. In the rare occasion that I only don't uprate it is because they either don't answer the question and are just randomly responding or if they are doing that and I don't find their comment funny.
  • I do. If it was worth answering then it's worth giving points.
  • I will always point a question that I answer, not always immediately but when I get feedback ,then I know that the questioner is not just fishing for points. No matter who may say "I'm not interested in points" thats not the truth...otherwise why be an AB'er.
  • Same reason you would give or take points from a question without answering it, I suppose.
  • Maybe I shouldn't give out as many points as I do, but I hand out point to all the questions I answer, (+/-) depending on the question... I just gave out my first negative point =( Normally, I won't give out negative points; people are entitled to their opinion. But if it's just wrong, immoral or offensive... I might make have an exception.
  • Sometimes I just forget, the same way someone replies to your answer but fails to give you points. I don't worry about it I'm here for fun and points are a bonus! : )

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