• It's what floats your boat. Ironically, while some dark-skinned people want to lighten their complexion, many fair-skinned people go to great lengths to get a dark tan.
  • Your question does not make sense. Why would anyone want to look like someone else? People who are related to each other can have similar facial features. I am tanned and my sister is Caucasian as we both have the same mother and father. My sister and I look alike so it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t look alike just because we have different skin colour. As I said, your question does not make sense. When it comes to relatives, skin colour doesn’t matter when looking alike due to facial features. Wanting to look like someone who is not related makes no sense unless you want to go over the top with things by getting plastic surgery so you’re better off being natural instead of wanting to look like someone who you’re really not.

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