• i just dont deal with them
    • Abha
      You can`t go always like that. Someday you`ll have to.
    • Franco333
      No, actually you don't have to. Sever all contact. Move across country (or to another country) .Leave no forwarding address. The chances they will be willing to pay a PI the big bucks to track you down is negligible. Use this as inspiration ---
  • I generally tell them to get lost, and ignore them after that. Arguing or trying to explain anything to an idiot is useless. They will not even try to understand what you're saying, so why waste your breath on them ? They in turn will probably think of me as an asshole, but that's okay and I can live with that because I know the difference, and in the future they won't likely bother me again.
  • live and let live
  • Generally speaking, I don't. I'll tolerate them for long enough to make a sale, in most cases, but if there's no money on the line, it's a biting remark or two and I'm outta there.
  • You can tell them to get lost or ignore them. At some point, we all have to interact with people we don't like, especially on the internet when a blocking feature is not available.
  • It really depends on how much power I have. If I don't have any I will listen politely and the leave as soon as I can. I would never give them my phone number and if I did I wouldn't answer it if they called. Otherwise I would just say Fuck You and leave. 😈
  • just simply have Nothing to do with them
  • Just stay away from them. If you can't do that -- if they are co-workers, for example -- be polite and minimize contact. Don't bother explaining anything. You'll just make trouble for yourself.
  • Avoid them as much as you can. if they're people you HAVE to work with, keep your conversations short and strictly professional.
  • It wouldn’t be nice to tell someone to get lost just because you don’t like them. If someone is incompatible for you, it’s better to keep your distance from them. If you’re in a job working with someone you don’t like, it’s better not to show you don’t like them because if you speak your mind to an employee you could get fired for causing a fight. It’s not nice to show hostility towards someone in a job and that’s why some employees seem emotionally distant in order to hide how they really feel towards someone they don’t like. When you encounter someone you don’t like when it’s outside of a job, just ignore them rather than show hostility. Unfortunately in the real world, there are people who show hatred and anger towards others they don’t like because they’re not nice. Other people are more civil and respectful towards people in general which requires an open mind and tolerance towards differences.
  • Keep the conversation superficial limited to either the task you may share at hand, or just in passing.
  • It depends. Sometimes we have to deal with people we don't like. Also, you should always give everyone a second chance, no more, no less. Once someone lets you down the second time, though, they will have nothing holding them back from doing it again. There are definitely people out there who make it a goal to ruin your day, and it's best to avoid those people once you identify them.
  • WHY waste time with people you don't like??? They don't care whether or not you like them & they really don't want to hear your reasons because it's NOT true!!! You are NOT required to have them in your life...NO explanation required!!!
  • I distance myself from them.

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