• I copied the description and my answer here so those on a big screen could see it. Do you think this is a reasonable request from the customer? Do you think the establishment should comply? Do you think the customer should tip for this extra service? Do you think this would unreasonably hold up prompt service to the other customers? Personally as a server/ counterperson/manager, I would take one piece of wrap, lay out the ingredients they want, fold it over and roll it up. That way I wouldn't waste time and supplies individually wrapping each item, but they would be separated from each other. It wouldn't take that long, but I would not require it of my employees if there are customers waiting in order to expedite service.
  • dont see anything wrong with it
  • I think if the customer wants it that way, it should take about the same amount of time only a little different than usual to put it all together. So that way if the customer wants it that way the the customer and server both should be happy with the results.
    • Linda Joy
      It depends on how they are wrapped, and some servers would assume they wanted each item individually wrapped and might think that would take too long especially if they have a line out the door. It could cause them to panic dear-in-headlight fashion. I've seen it happen often, bless their hearts! Have you ever worked in customer service? Man, I've seen some things!!
    • Rick Myres
      It has been a very long time since I was in food service.
    • Linda Joy
      Me too! Good to have you back!
  • I thinks it's just as reasonable as going to a restaurant, ordering food, and you having to put it together yourself when you're actually paying for the employees to do it. Bill Burr explains it beautifully here......
    • Linda Joy
      LOL a relay! Hahahahaha! Hey baby, you want a cookie?
    • Archie Bunker
      Bill is awesome.
  • I think that customer needs to go to the grocery store instead. Behaving like that at a restaurant is extremely inconsiderate. A person who makes requests/demands like that are the same kind who will pay a $4.98 cheque with a $5 bill and expect you to thank them for the $0.02 tip.
    • Linda Joy
      That's one of the reasons I hardly ever eat out. I know how I like it and I can do it better anyway. Besides they'll probably screw it up. Its not usually our brightest and best working fast food. And if I have a special request I always tip more. If I don't have money for a tip I don't eat out, which is another reason I seldom eat out.
  • I'd say I'm willing to build the sandwich in a way you'd prefer, the definition of a sandwich is to place multiply ingredients between two slices of bread, not to wrap up separate ingredients for you to make a sandwich, for that you need to go to the supermarket.

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