• Tell me which questions. I'll repost them so you and others can answer.
  • I think it's fine. 100 answers is a lot to go thru.
  • Sure. After all: the question-asker is probably well done with the question by the time they've received 50 answers. If they wouldn't keep recycling the same question over and over we probably wouldn't see 100 answers.
  • I think that's fine, this site is kind of dead anyways. If it's got 100 answers it's probably some question that's extremely old anyways.
  • No, it is not fair as so many questions are always ramped right back to the top of the question list, old questions. I have 2 fixes for it, but they won't pay me for them.
  • Oh, you can answer a question with 100 answers. Your answer won't show. What you can do, ask a similar question using different wording, so your question does not get flagged for duplicating.
  • The only way I'll answer those 100th mark questions is if Answerbag makes a breakthrough with unlimited answers.

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