• If you really like him, it doesn't matter if your friends laugh at you. Wait, if your friends laugh at you, then they're not your friends anyway.
  • Who cares what your friends think.It only matters if you like him.Really :)
  • My fiance is three years younger than me. At first I was uncomfortable with it, but now I never even think about it. It doesn't change anything. A year seems like a lot when you're young, but it isn't really. Don't worry about what your friends say. If you like him, they will like him too once they get to know him. If they're really your friends, they will want you to be happy.
  • only a year!! Honey I have dated a man 10 yrs younger than me. Yeah they talked crap but got over it. Funny thin is my BF talked the most crap now she is dating someone 7 yrs younger!! Dont worry bout it whatever makes u happy!!
  • awww it doesnt matter =]
  • You dont need our help. You need maturity. When you stop living for everyone else and live for yourself and refuse to discuss your relationship with anyone but him or the two sets of parents then uou are ready to date him. Until then you're too young yourself.

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