• I think if your an adult you should tell them your not following there rules anymore or tell them how you feel and If that doesn't work move out so you have your own rules because like this I dont think you learn how to do anything yourself
    • Beaker Five-O
      It's "you're", "their", "if" and try to use punctuation next time. And clean your room before supper !!
    • Hendrico
      you need help (Beaker Five-O)
  • staying at a boarding school is a good idea, you have nnore freedonn
  • I feel as thought they were trying to protect you cause at a young age no one really understands how to be a decent human being .. kids are mean and when we're older and we leave school, we realise those friendships aren't that promising and life works in mysterious ways.. if you put yourself out there to meet people, you will find people you relate to .. i'm 25 and i don't really have many friends because i'm extremely fussy with who i allow my time to be spent with .. and you need to be. no one wants to be wasting their time. good luck
    • Miss Rosessence
      excuse me, wow. if you don't like what i wrote, don't comment on it and i wasn't talking to u anway .. there are a lot of people out there that aren't genuine friends ...
  • What you have are not strict parents, but a weak mind and no concept of self. You clearly have not gained the trust of your parents (or even their attention by the reads of things) for them to consider you and adult capable of looking after itself. Sit down with your parents one at a time and talk to them about what they think about you and their plan for you. It might be they are waiting for you to show them you are capable of running your own life.
    • OC Joe
      This conclusion is absolutely ridiculous. Making the assumption that none of this has ever taken place is absurd.
  • You didn't mention your age or location which could make a difference in my answer. University usually means you're old enough to make the choice to move out unless you live in some backward social system that doesn't allow personal freedoms. If you live in your parents house you follow their rules. Period. If you're independent enough to move out then you have earned the right to make your own rules (within the guidelines of the law of your land) Your social life is not as important as keeping you safe as a child.

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