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The guy that I am currently seeing asks questions about my prior relationships. I have been honest with him about who I have been seriously involved with (relationships & sex) not provided him a list of every person I have ever talked to or kissed. I'm almost 30 years old, I don't even know if I could recall it all. He seems to be jealous of the idea of me being with other people in the past, which I cannot help because what's done is done. When I say jealous it's not like he does anything crazy but I can tell it bothers him, and I don't want him to be upset. Well recently, we were talking about a male friend of mine (who I'm not even close to) and he asked me whether or not I would ever date him and I told him no, which is true. I didn't tell him that friend had kinda tried to date me and that we kissed once way before me and him ever got together. Why did I not volunteer this information, because I know it will make him uneasy and there is no reason to. Well eventually he flat out asked if we had ever done anything, and I told him that we kissed, because that's the truth. I knew that it was going to upset him but I didn't want to lie. He asked how many times it happened and told him once, which is the truth, but he asked me that several times and seems to be skeptical of that. He asked several questions about it and it made me uncomfortable but I told him the truth. He then wanted to know if the kiss happened at my house or the friends, I'm not sure why that matters. It actually happened at my house, but I knew that would upset him and I really love him and don't want to upset him, but I also don't know if it's appropriate for him to be asking details of events that occurred before we started dating and then getting upset about it. I told him it happened at the friends house because if I didn't, his next question would have been,
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