• Well if its not July 4th, New Year's or Cinco de Mayo I usually just assume it's gunfire and stay clear of the windows.
    • Linda Joy
      I've never witnessed a shooting or had a gun pulled on me. Yet
  • So long as it is outside, and not too close, I ignore it. If it is too close, I go into red alert.
  • Everywhere I've lived, it's about a 60% chance it's gunshots unless it's July 4th or Jan 1st.
  • Living in the UK it's usually safe to assume it's fireworks.
  • Where I live they sound very similar and it's neither it's very likely a street racer going down the loop at 200MPH being chased by a cop. There's so many problems with street racers where I live -_- It sounds like gun shots to drive your car at 200MPH.
  • No. I live in a big city where gun crime does occur, but not normally in my area. And I was taught to shoot by my grandfather when I was a child. I know the difference between gunshots and firework bangs.

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