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2)"we" use which leads into our yard and driveway. Upstairs on the main floor the door which leads to the hallway we have blocked from view from the inside with a curtain "room divider" as it opens up directly into my bedroom. We had to do this as we had more people than bedrooms when we had our 4th "miracle/surprise daughter". So upstairs on the main floor we have 4 bedrooms and a full bath and the only person who EVER enters through the doorway in my bedroom is my mother-in-law. How this happened at all is totally beyond me. My kids obviously as little ones couldn't go out the door downstairs when they were babies and walk around to knock on the front door to go see Grandma so instead would go through my bedroom. Initially, for the first 10years this wasn't really a major issue... things have changed drastically in the past 3 years. My kids will go back & forth to Grandma's 100x a day which she loves as she is 75yo and lonely. However, my kids often will forget to lock the door behind them or leave it unlocked for the entire day. My mother-in-law thinks nothing of walking into my bedroom anytime of the day and night regardless if I'm in bed sleeping, 1/2 naked while getting dressed or even if I'm not home. Today she came in twice, once at 9am this morning while I was asleep and again after dinner to ask if the kids wanted to sleep up there tonight. I'm bugging the hell out. She has an obvious lack of the meaning of boundaries and I'm at a complete loss as to how to keep her out of my bedroom. I've just about begged, threatened & punished my kids for leaving the door unlocked & am ready to pack a bag and bug out of my own home. How can I fix this God awful nightmare that I'm stuck in? Help, please!
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