• Fortunately I took this decision after thinking a lot! And I'm one of the happiest!
  • Because the three ring of marriage are the engagement "ring" the wedding "ring" and then the suffe"ring" . Listen to Al Bundy !!!
  • The dream of a fairy tale life, movie kinda life, white picket fence, 2 car garage....and life isn't a movie or a song or a fantasy....Life is tough and if you are young it is only tougher on you. Lifes lessons suck as a 30 yr old or older but at 16 or 19 yrs old or a bit older.....well young ones don't know how to handle the stress of the real world...I think.
  • It sure seems to be far more common these days than it was in the past. It's tough for anyone to take that leap with the economy being so bad and money being one of the biggest negative contributors to a new marriage.
  • Because the three ring of marriage are the engagement "ring" the wedding "ring" and then the suffe"ring" . Listen to Al Bundy !!!
  • So many people rush into it, first, due to the overwhelming emotions they have that clouded their thinking. Second, they thought that it is a cure-all for the longing they have on love. That's why when their marriage turns into a mess, they get mired in their situation and could not moved on. Like any venture one takes, it needs a lot of planning before one should settle into this kind of life. To think things through: 1. Do I have what it takes to commit to this kind of life? 2. Am I mature enough to handle marital problems that will come my way? 3. What is my purpose in embracing this state of life? 4. Am I ready to love my spouse and give my life to her/him for the betterment of our relationship? 5. If we plan to have children, do I have the right mindset to fulfill my role as a father/mother?
  • Because it is our nature to act before thinking and complain.
  • because most of them act before thinking about if its the right person for them, if its the right decision to be with that person forever. most never think all the time, they just say hey i wanna merry you and i love you, 8 months later their fighting, yelling, and screaming to one other.
  • Because when love takes over oft times common sense leaves by the nearest door.
  • Because it takes two to make it work & if 1 decides to stop theres nothing 1 can do about it but whine.That goes for the ones that don't rush in as well.There are no garantees.
  • Because they don't know each other good enough and they think that only liking each other is enough - they marry and later on find out what the other person is like and things fall apart.
  • because marriage is unnatural.......
  • because guys are thinking with the wrong part of their anatomy and women just want a wedding. And when people marry for the wrong reasons, it usually doesn't go well...even if they stay together.
  • Because we have become lovers of instant gratification and a no fault culture.
  • maybe cause they didnt think they were going to fall apart
  • If one is immature enough to rush into a marriage then the same immaturity will cause then to whine about it.
  • Because they watch too many movies and read too many romantic novels and do not understand the complexities of people and relationships.
  • Sadly, people do that cause they think their in love

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