• cause some people are sensitive to loud noises
  • It is quite selfish, rude and inconsiderate to play it too loud.
    • MichaelXD
      Well then that obviously makes my sister a hypocrite then because she last blasted the music on 60 in July and I couldn't hear the conversation and I ended up having to get the police on the non-emergency line and she told them a whole kind of lies and then I had to text and use up most of my phone battery, AND NOW IT DOESN'T WORK! IT WAS HER FAULT!
    • Franco333
      Welcome to reality. Life is not fair. Never was. Never will be. Gals in general get away with murder, as do older siblings. Adapt or start a war of attrition.
  • Not everyone wants to hear what you want to hear. Imagine someone blasting you with some obese gal howling an opera song. Playing polka music so loud it rumbles your belly. Or constantly hammering and impact drilling while you are listening to rapcrap (or whatever). Either take your noise to a room where others can't hear it, buy some headphones and melt your eardrums, or turn it down.
  • That's because a person’s *reaction* can be so powerful it interferes with their ability to live life normally.
  • You were the one enjoying your game & being happy. Your sister was the one enjoying her music & being happy. Sounds to me like BOTH of you need to invest in a decent set of headphones so you aren't interrupting the other's happiness!!!

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