• ive never been nnuch into playing gannes
  • No I don't play games with strangers
  • There are plenty more. But to really enjoy the drama you have to follow the characters, the clubs, the countries and the players. It helps if you pick a team and throw your loyalty behind them. Having a stake in the games makes winning that much more exciting and losing that much more painful. You will feel real emotions. Its competitive. The best athletes ON THE PLANET play this game. The very best from everywhere in the world are competing to play this game. When you watch a highly competitive match from a top club, you are seeing athletes that are the best in the world and none of them are expecting to lose, ever. Its lots of fun.
    • Linda Joy
      You didn't answer the question. And your link is to a betting site as far as I could see at a glance.
  • Try playing online Scrabble. I'm no expert, but I can hold my own. As to the quote, the closest I know is "Shall we play a game" from "War Games" (1983).
    • Linda Joy
      My mother loved scrabble! I like text twist, so I'd probably be ok at online scrabble. Thanks!
  • I want to play a game called the truth. I need to know more. What is real and what I have imagined. I must know, now is the time.
    • Linda Joy
      So, have you gotten any of the answers you needed, or are you still settling for less than complete honesty?
  • Every time i play games
    • Linda Joy
      Second time you've answered and you still didn't answer the question!
  • Well you should play until it gives you positive feeling and thoughts. Just dont play like 18 hrs a day cause thats bad for health. Now speaking of work.. Gamers do earn by playing games and testing it. But always there is low scope in it so it should be only for funzies and not your work/main occupation. Also hanging out with friends is important for social mentality.
    • Linda Joy
      You still didn't answer the question. Strike three you're out! And if you spam that site again I'll flag it as spam. I think from your three answers I've gathered that you like to bet on games and might have played one at one point in your life. You make it sound like pro sports is a bad thing. Or pro gaming for that matter. I think if you can make a living doing what you like you'll never have to go to work!

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