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Okay, sooo I have a girlfriend and i inserted my penis inside her for like 2 minutes before scaring away from it.This was on the 17th of January and i scared out completely and we both got really scared about pre cum and it had been the first time we had ever had sex. We both were also virgins. I bought plan b and gave it to her the day after. Shortly after, she had her period for 12-13 days. She regularly has it for 3-4days. She got off it on the 3rd of February, or the 4th.. i dont quite remember but she hasn't had it since and it's March 2nd. I read a lot about this and people say it completely messes up the cycle and im sure it does.. im just still so scared. To make my case scarier, i had sex with her without a condom for like 1 minute again before scarying away and i came in her mouth and not in her. Although i have never came inside of her.. it's my second time havingsex and im so scared of pre cum and im terrified. It's the next day since last nights incident butim still worried why she hasnt had her period yet. Also, a week ago when i was fingering her, she gets really wet and when i was fingering her.. a thin, sticky, clearish cloudy white liquid stayed on the tip of my fingers but people say it's cum and it's only when i finger her and it happens only sometimes... usually when im rubbing without a lot of friction in her so i guess its her wet lubricated vagina rubbing against my fingers accumulating on my fingers or i dont know. she hasn't had any white discharge out of her vagina.. its only been that when i finger her. Also, now that i remember... she used moisturizer around her clit one of the two times this cloudy white stuff stayed on the tip of my fingers so im guessing one of the times it could've been that because i ate her out and it tasted like the same moisturizer she puts on her neck that i dont notice when im kissing her neck.. the second time could be the cum though and what i stated before. im not sure if its pregnancy discharge because she hasnt had random discharge of white liquid
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