• get with your lawyer and make it so your kids are entitled to the insurance money, go by some heroin, and overdose. very quick death and it's painless. your children get money, your dead, everyones happy i guess.
  • You can't. Life insurance won't pay out to suicides. I suggest though, that you get help. You being there for them and in a healthy frame of mind, will be a lot better for your kids than money will ever be.
  • if you cared about your kids you wouldnt commit suicide at all.
  • I promise you that your kids would rather have you alive than all the money in the world. Most of the time they will be able to tell if it was accidental or suicide. You need to talk to someone. Please go to the nearest ER and tell them you are suicidal. They can help you. Your kids lives will forever be changed by your death. It is also shown that kids are often likely to commit suicide if a parent has. Please talk to someone.
  • Car crash. Get someone to shoot you. Fall in the shower.
  • If you did, the insurance company wouldn't have to pay out... they just get richer. Time to make some popcorn and watch "It's a Wonderful Life," with Jimmy Stewart. Hang in there.
  • Well first of all you can't commit suicide and get insurance money. I have never seen a life insurance or even health insurance plan that didn't have a specific exclusion of suicide. So you would have to have someone kill you or make it look like an accidental death. Which is pretty darn difficult to do considering forensics anymore. Chances are pretty good that investigators of your murder or accident will figure out that it was suicide. Second, why would you think your children would care more about getting money over having you in their lives. The death of a parent, especially a suicide, leaves the survivors devastated. Especially when those survivors are children. You have to think about how your actions will affect them for the rest of THEIR lives.
  • when someone kills themselves no one gets money out of it because it was the persons chosing to do so, where as if it were accidental or medical problems then they could, because some people would do that so maybe their family will get money. But why would someone do that just to give their kids money? Worry about yourself and your health so that your kids won't have to deal with having more problems, than getting money. Money isn't everything. But having someone in their life is everything to them. And losing someone in their life is everything that they have lost.
  • I don't know what type of person you are, so I can't say if your children are better off without you or not, but I can say that suicide is never the answer. I have a feeling this is one of those questions being asked to get off the wall responses; but if not, you can't (get insurance money from suicide) so find another way to provide for your family.
  • if you're in financial dire straights, see a job counselor to help you earn more money or get more education so that you can earn more. i've worked with lots of kids / adults whose parents have committed suicide. i think it is rough on children - young or old - when a parent commits suicide. if you're depressed, see a clinical psychologist and in the first session tell him or her that you'll give them 6 months to work with you or you'll plan to commit suicide.
  • i guarantee you your kids need you alive more than they need money. my brother killed himself just over a year ago and left 6 kids behind.the youngest being 12. their lives have been turned upside down and they will never be the same again.please think about what you are doing and how it will effect your kids.
  • This is not a question to get off the wall responses. I just try so hard but I keep on getting knocked down. I am a fighter so I get back up (so to speak); however, I am tired of my kids suffering. I work 12 hours per day to build my business and money comes in. I have worked all of my life (since 12-years old) and before that I always sold candy door-to-door, sold newspapers, did whatever to be industrial..It's just I get depressed sometimes b/c things don't seem to ever work out. I have, in my defense, started reading the laws of attraction and I find great hope in this book.
  • I know that times are really hard and trust me I have had those thoughts a time or two when I saw myself so broke that I couldn't seem to financially take care of my children. To the point that I did try by drinking a bottle of tylenol. I ended up in the hospital having my stomach pumped and then I spent a month in a psychiatric ward. During that time all I saw was the hurt in my children's eyes. I realize that if I was gone my kids would be devastated and not because I think so because they have told me so. Money doesn't replace the love that your children need from you. You are so loved. Your children, family, God, close friends would be so lost without you. Please stay!
  • That would be an incredibly selfish thing to do and it would serve to devalue money in the eyes of your children. They'd probably spend all of it on drugs and alcohol trying to numb themselves to the pain of having lost a parent who left them something so immaterial and meaningless. Don't dare do that.
  • I don't know...and wouldn't tell you if I did. Don't you dare leave those kids to face years of therapy due to your taking your own life. Have you ever spoken to anyone who survived a parent's suicide?
  • I sure your kids would much prefer their mum than a load of cash.
  • take a long (2+hours) drive with a legit reason. then on your way home at night happen to fall asleep behind the wheel accelerating until you drift off the road into something that will kill you. good thing you are an anon... if somehow someone found this Q&A and you died that way it would complicate things.
  • you don't commit suicide so your children will get your insurance money, they'll just use it to pay for therapy and meds to numb themselves to the fact that their mom or dad killed themself.go to therapy yourself and save your children many years of pain by not just thinking about yourself...
  • You better check your insurance documents as some insurance companies do not pay out on suicides.
  • Money is nothing a parent is everything. Teach your kids how to fight in this world. Life is tuff all over. Killing yourself would only solve your own problems, but what about your kids? They only real thing they would be left with (even if you were able to pull it off with the insurance compony) would be all that hurt and anger. Is that realy what you want for your kids. Go see a therapist and talk your problems through. No matter how ruff it gets you have to keep strong. I will keep you in my thoughts. good luck.. Oh yes if things seem bad just go watch your kids play listen to their laughs and look at their smiles. Chances are they don't even realize their are any money troubles.
  • By not commiting suicide to get your kids insurance money. Honestly, if this is a serious question, I suggest you seek help elsewhere..perhaps a psychologist?
  • I do understand and think about the same thing quite often. Most insurance plans do cover suicide after a two year period has elapsed, except in just a couple of states. Check your policy. Those who say otherwise have no idea what they are saying, and typically use this as a ploy to keep you from doing what you want to do. The only thing that stops me however is understanding the effect it would have on my children, and the statistical evidence which shows the increase in suicide rates of children who have had a parent comit suicide. I would rather suffer my never ending pain than to pass this pain onto my children. Life can suck, and I do understand. I pray every night when I go to bed that God will have mercy on me and let me die in my sleep. Still, every morning, I wake up again to the same pain from days past. I wish I could offer comfort, but I can not. All I can say is that I understand, and you are not alone. Those who blast you will never understand your thoughts, nor will they understand mine. Hell, I don't understand them myself, so how can they. I would love to get help, but can not afford the counselor. I would love to be able to talk with my wife, but all that would do is scare her and she would react in a negative way. I can't talk to friends, I can't talk to co-workers, so I live alone in my soul. God, if life were only as simple as Martha Stewart seems to think it is. Jesus Christ, go watch it's a wonderful life and everything will be ok. Talk about out of touch with reality!!!
  • kids would need a mom more than money , as lost money can be earned once but a:( mom cant
  • Pull a gun on a squad of cops.
  • You're kids need a decent parent.. grow up.
  • your kids need you more than they need the money. There are plenty of low income counseling services available to help you through whatever is going on. I also may add that about 75% of depression related issue's are the result of a slight imbalance in the brain. A few months of medication could make life more bearable. We all have troubles, its the imbalance that leaves us unable to cope with them.
  • First, you don't ask that on a public forum because the insurance company can find this and if you go through with it use to prove that you went against teh suicide clause, leacing your kids broke and without a parent. But, seriously, get some counceling. Your kids need you more than the money. Wish you the best.
  • Insurance money goes fast, usually to their guardians, sure your thinking about them..
  • .your kids will be very upset with you if you do. it will always haunt them. That is not an honorable way to help your kids out. I suggest you turn your lyfe around and bE the best mom/dad you can be. Your time will come, then they can get paid. Seek help and dont go out lyke a coward. If your trying to kill yourself to help your kids out that obViously shows that you carE about them. So show them with your loVe and actions. If you thiink your kids would rather haVe the money than you, than why would you want to giVe your selfish kids money for your death? But i'm sure that's not the case. DONT DO IT.
  • What?! Why the hell do you want to do that? Do you have any idea how much you will put your kids through!!!
  • I think that if a person commits suicide the insurance company doesn't pay. So not only would your kids not get your insurance money, they'd have lost you for nothing (not that I think killing yourself was a good idea in the first place)
  • Don't do that! They might copy for their kids. like it starts running in the family:))
  • Your kids won't get anything from the insurance companies if you commit suicide. Instead they will lose a parent.
  • Many life insurance polices DO pay on suicides, but will usually have a time period clause, about 2 years from policy inception.
  • If you're insured then they get the money regardless. But do they really deserve such money?
  • It won't work.
  • you don't the insurance will reneg on paying up and you will be dead.
  • I don't have that problem. I don't have kids. 😉
  • "Discussion of suicide or self-harm is not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban." (see below). Considering this is the first and only question that you've interacted with, I'm quite certain that no one in the Community will even remember you after you've been kicked out.
    • Linda Joy
      This question is from the old AB. I can't believe its still here!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
  • I'm not helping people to commit suicide. What an awful question to ask.
  • Suicide is NOT an act of love! If you commit suicide that's like telling your children its ok to give up and quit on life. They will be much more likely to commit suicide themselves not even to mention the agony you will put them through! My sister whom I barely knew because she moved out when I was in 2nd grade committed suicide and left her kids orphans! I was very angry with her for what she did to them! Believe it or not, ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!

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