• I do believe that diapers should be punished
  • can be. but only for consenting adults.
  • What is diaper punishment?
  • I don't know. Does it mean leaving a child in a wet or dirty nappy for a long time or rubbing their nose in it? If so, I think it is a bad idea. Otherwise, I don't know and need more information.
  • Yes if they are doing it on purpose but if they are bedweting and they can not controll it no because it is not there fault they should not be punished for smothing they cant controll
  • Yes. I really need to go to PetSmart. My puppy is stinking up the place.
  • Unless you want to totally destroy a child heart and soul go ahead. This is an extract from another site - Quote "APPEARANCE: Calming, well behaved, obedient. REALITY: They are calm because their self-esteem has been destroyed. They behave and obey because they live in fear and insecurity. They have lost their dignity and self identity. The essence of who they are has been destroyed. LIFE RESULTS: Withdrawn and shy, making them subject to bullying. Very often develops sexual fetishes. Hindered social and relationship skills. Strong inferiority complex. Self loathing. Lacks self confidence needed to reach full potential in life. Just about every aspect of healthy development is held back. Diaper discipline is far more than just abuse. It is the killing of a human soul. There should be strong laws treating it as such. My heart weeps for all the lost souls out there. Sadly, there are many." End quote. This article can be found here - Remember what goes around has the habit of coming around. Expect serious repurcussions if you go down that road.
  • You mean like Jesus type punishment? Hanging from a cross for all eternity while wearing a diaper? No, that would be cruel and unusual punishment
  • I have been active in getting many of these groups shut down and attention drawn to the issue. Most of these people who propose such discipline are infantilists and troll around parenting boards, photo & video sites, stealing photo's of peoples kids. I am pleased you found my information helpfull.
  • Diaper punishment is absolutely discusting!! I have read up on it and keeping your kids no matter what age in a diaper to make them "behave better" is demeaning and discusting!. I think that people who do it to their children get a sick kick out of it and should be instatutionalized
  • absalutly no if gone thru this and it is not fun, its not abuse, but torture
  • Hell no!
  • No its degarding and it lets you think you deserve punishment when you dont
  • I would yes if the child has been to a pediatrician, and has been found to have nothing wrong with them, yet they still keep having accidents then yes, and also if the child is completely out of controll because it does take away their feeling of power, and controll over their parents, and also numbs down their sense of security a bit, and puts controll back into the hands of the parents, and shows the child that they are'nt so billy bad a** after all. However, I would not use this type of punishment for anything other than theese two situations as it can cause a fetish towards their diapers.
  • I am also against diaper discipline and it's use. Diaper discipline is one of the cruelest forms of abuse I have seen. It uses shame, fear and embarrassment to get the child to behave the way the parent wants. Basically, the child is put in diapers(parents prefer to use baby diapers because it adds to the shame and embarrassment more with the cartoon print on the diapers made for babies), they lock the bathroom door to prevent use, take away all pants and shorts and make the kid only be in the diaper and t-shirt while at home, and many parents add baby treatment to it (making the child use a pacifier or drink from a baby bottle). Many parents bring out the childs old baby crib and make the child sleep in the crib, or sit in the old playpen. If that wasn't enough, some parents also send their children to school diapered, using the excuse "My son has been having some wetting accidents lately from a bladder infection so he needs to wear diapers for a little while". No doctors note needed, the schools just believe it as fact. So the child has to go to the nurse when he/she needs a change, and since the child is in diapers, any request to use the restroom at school is denied. It's extreamly cruel. There are better ways to discipline a child thes doesn't shame, embarrass and tear apart the child's self esteem. I did a "hub" about this so called punishment. If you would like to read about what diaper discipline is and the causes of it, you can read it at: -Stanley
  • i think it is a brilliant idea it teches kids that your in charge
  • Degrading people, including children, is not the answer. You will cause long term psychological problems if you do.
  • no one in their right mind would think diaper punishment is a good idea...
  • Hi, Diaper discipline is indeed crule, not only have I seen it done to my brother...more than once. But I have had a good friend who had it done to him. He got it bad. Every morning he woke up wet, he was spanked, diapered, and walked around the block in a diaper and t-shirt. If his mom was pissed enough by his wetting, he was sent to school in diapers. It went on for years until his dad got custody. I saw what it did to him. It messes with people, far into their adult years. I also do all I can to bring attention to those who use this. The only reason parents use this without getting caught, is because people don't know it's happening. Yet!. I wrote an article that is being sent out to every child protective services office of each state, to the school board and to every therapist I can find a e-mail for. Here is the article: And for thoes who think it's not against the law, I contacted a local branch of child protective services and found that it's true there is no specific law against diaper discipline, but there is 2 laws that it would fall under: PC 11165.4: As used in this article, “Unlawful corporal punishment or injury” means a situation where any person willfully inflicts upon any child any cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or injury resulting in a traumatic condition. And should a parent be found doing DD and child services get’s a report about possible child abuse the child or children would be removed from the parent’s custody and placed in foster care in addition to criminal charges being pressed. Bases on the level of abuse the parents could face jail time. It's wrong to do to children. No child deserves to have this level of abuse done to them, or any level. This is extream. The amount of emotional damage done would shock the hell out of you. To the way my best friend is because of it. It would make you cry, as it has me every time I hear about a parent using this on thier child. It needs to stop. And it needs to stop now! -Stanley

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