• Someone *could* do that, but why would they want to do it? My guess is either someone else did this to drive a wedge into your relationship for whatever reason, or else he did it himself and he is not truthful with you. How did this come to your attention?
    • Julie Boniface
      Quick version, on my laptop he didn't tasks he'd set up along time ago with his email, I was on it and email popped up.... Want went on it saw his email asking for password so I guessed one he uses and in it took me. 😢 he says it's a hacker!!! Funny thing after supporting him for years after loosening his career and bankruptcy, he's back f feeling better about himself and dressing better etc and now this. I dobt deserve it. He's saying I'm crazy is a hacker. My gut treks me different . Thank you for reply
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Sounds guilty to me. Best of luck!
    • Julie Boniface
      Thank you. And to me!!! Onwards and upwards ha ha !! Have a great weekend
  • It is not likely any body other than your husband would know or use a password that he uses with other accounts. That alone is substantial evidence that HE opened that dating site account. Also, he would have to be very close to someone to give them a personal password he commonly uses. Why would someone close to him do something that would be so damaging to him? As a joke? I don't think so. He created that dating site account.
    • Julie Boniface
      I think your right!!!!! 😢 sad thing is, he making me out to be ridiculous for thinking he made it. I'm such a great wife he knows it and he's been caught. What do I do.
  • I think he did it. The fact that he's dressing better and feeling better about himself would be another clue. Throw in the fact that you are supporting him and that would pretty much seal it for me. Are there any children in this relationship? If not, I'd leave him. If so I'd get more proof.
  • I'd say trust your gut!!! IF he's lying, he's NOT very good at it!!! Maybe he was going through a lot of shit while going through bankruptcy & lost job. I might cut him a little bit of slack while watching him like the dog that he sound like he is!!! 😖😏😐😌
  • In the UK we have a television programme about hackers and scamming, hackers will steal someone's photos, and other info, from social media sources, and set up a false dating account in order to extort money from an unsuspecting love interest, but in this case there is no purpose in using the persons own email, I can't see why they'd use the persons email as well, as that would mean having to hack the account to get messages and that exposes the hacker and their intent to the person who's ID they've stolen. The only reason someone would hack all of these, is for malicious intent, i.e to make you believe your husband is a cheat.
  • The odds are against it. My guess is that he just got curious one day and went on the site to look. Not necessarily "shopping", mind you, but no matter how long a man is married he still likes to look, no matter what he says (he'll usually say he doesn't, but that's just a defensive move - both to protect himself from threats of divorce and also to not hurt his wife/significant other's feelings when they get jealous over nothing). It's only natural for a man to look, just as it's natural for you to look at guys (you do, admit it). At the end of the day, if he comes home to you, you should take comfort in the fact that there's no one else in the picture. I don't think he's telling the truth about the password thing, but you'd do yourself a service by not making a big deal out of it - just delete the account.
    • Majik-1
      Any time I caught my dad being a pervert, I'd tell Mom & she ALWAYS responded...I don't mind. The day he stops looking will be the day that he dies, so I prefer that he looks!!!

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