• About five seconds, then I ask him is that his final answer. Then I am moving on.
  • I would give him a few weeks then if he doesnt answer then I would move on with your life.
  • I agree with Sweet T. 5-second rule for me. Life is too short, why wait for someone when they don't even know what they want?
  • That's a tough question because the heart is involved. Personally, I've been in that situation before and I would advise to go with your instinct. If it's time to move on, you'll know. It's then a matter of listening to your instinct and following through. Easier said than done sometimes! If he's worth waiting for a little longer, then do it. I think what you need to ask yourself is "Why is he hesitating?" Another woman? Fear of commitment? Doesn't truly love you? Those gray areas are difficult to get a grasp on - go with your gut and don't look back!
  • LOL I am guilty on waiting for a long time! LOL But he and I were still seeing each other and stuff even though we weren't back together, we split up in September and ended up getting back together in April, and it was his idea to get back together! I just hung in there and was patient with him and it all worked out...
  • Personally the longest I have given a guy couple seconds after he said "he did not know." The heart is a strange thing it may take you awhile.
  • I don't get back together. The way I see it, either we have enough of a relationship that we are willing to try and work things out, or we don't, and we don't. No need to go back and most likely get hurt again! Nope, this dog learns new tricks all the time, and tosses out those that don't work. Exes are old tricks and they are history!

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