• Every time I attempt to post a question (I only just joined so it would be my first question) on Answerbag, I get a category error. (I tried in "Answerbag questions" and I tried entering that as the category.) When I enter the correct category name I get the message that asks for a category before the question can be posted. The question which I have been unable to post, is as follows: When will the Answerbag Contact option be fixed as I have an issue that needs addressing? I posted an answer but all its paragraph breaks were removed. I pasted the text in because otherwise there is no Undo option. When I completed the Answerbag Contact form, it became cleared on attempting to post, and the Answerbag Contact email address does not work. Failure notice for sending my email to the Answerbag Contact email address: From:  To: **@** Subject: Failure Notice Date: 25 May 2021, 06:33 My original email sent to: Subject (of my original email to Answerbag): My (first) answer on Answerbag has its paragraph breaks removed Date (of my original email to Answerbag): 25 May 2021, 03:32 Dear Sirs, I hope you can help with a technical issue. I posted my first answer on Answerbag, at: Unfortunately all the answer's paragraph breaks were removed, and also some text has also been removed from some of its URLs (the sources that I put in). There is no Undo button in your drafting field, so I drafted my answer in a word processor and then pasted my answer into the drafting field. I also cannot find any Edit option. Is there any way to repair the answer formatting to include the missing paragraph breaks, and also to include the full text of the URLs I tried to put in? Also, please can you suggest a solution, so this will not occur with further answers. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, [Robert333]
  • No. If you do ask a question in the wrong category, someone will report it. The Answerbag moderators will eventually place it in the right category. So keep asking questions. 🙂
  • On the old AB, there were more categories and navigation was far better, so it really wasn't annoying. On the new AB (past several years), the categories seem to be sometimes missing, leaving gaps of where questions could fit in, and there is no longer any navigation showing when you enter a category for a question. To further complicate the matter, several categories share identical names under entirely different folder paths, so it's a lot of guess work. But I have no hope that this will ever get fixed.
  • Agreed

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