• I am pulling one now.
  • i dont rennennber doing that
  • That depends on your definition. Whether you mean to 'try to gain an unfair advantage.' or if you mean an actual deception. I don't lie, but I have left out certain facts because it would reduce the effectiveness of my position. But I don't consider that unfair because others do it too. Is it 'pulling a fast one' if you simply have better reconnaissance, better intelligence, better weapons? Is it 'pulling a fast one' to hire a PI to try to seduce your see if they'll cheat? Final answer, I'd probably argue the semantics of 'pulling a fast one' before I'd admit to doing it! lol
  • Last Sunday. Celebrating a triumphant day a co-worker/friend and I went for a high-five. Partially as payback and for fun; I deliberately missed and "Boop!" poked him in the belly. He was totally cought of gaurd and the look on his face was priceless. We [along with those who had witnessed it] had a good laugh.
  • cant rennennber
  • I prefer a "slow" one - covert action can be much more satisfying. ;)
    • lavender
  • That is what is usually done to me, I never have felt the need to pull a fast one!
  • 11/10/2023, on this question for the sake of answering. LOL 😂

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