• Very rarely, mostly thumbs down (like Caligula)
  • 9-28-2017 Ok, I have figured out that you mean the TU button. At first I thought you meant the hand gesture, which in the USA can mean either "good" or "GTFO", and in Europe is considered obscene. Why is this so ambiguous?
    • Linda Joy
      I was very clear in my description. Why do you complain about everything?
    • Jewels Vern
      Because almost everything in my life is misleading or fraudulent. I have to be on guard all the time. For example, I discovered that in Germany you can be arrested for waving your hand the wrong way. And in the rest of Europe you will never get a ride by displaying the thumb, which is normal in USA. Nobody will tell you these things, you have to learn them by accident. Now suppose you explain why you ask an ambiguous question and then scold me because you don't like my answer?
    • Linda Joy
      because it wasn't ambiguous. It was very clear to anyone who uses this site. I was very clear in my description. And I bet I'd get a ride! Thumb or no!
  • sometimes if i think of it
    • Linda Joy
      I'm guessing that was an attempt at a thumbs-up that answer bag turned into gibberish?
  • I do it for anyone that took the time to answer my question, as a sort of thank you. Unless they were a total dick or attacked me personally. But, sometimes the thumbs up doesn
    • AskingForaFriend
      *doesnt work
    • Linda Joy
      You can edit any of your comments by using the orange pencil icon then saving with the red icon.
  • All the time when I read an interesting question or answer.
  • Hell Yes! : )
  • A lot of times I want to give a thumbs up and cannot because it is an answer beside the yellow green and no blue with the white thumb in it.
    • Ice man
      I hate it when that happens. : )
    • Rick Myres
      I know what you mean and one chided me when I answered their question twice like it was a new answer. So I stopped doing that for any of them. :) One day I forgot I I was signed out and could not give a thumbs up on any of them. Then I figured it out I was not signed in to be the reason. Grrrr! Lol
  • Yes, Sometimes..
  • i would except i always seem to forget
  • Fingers up - see avatar
  • if i like the question i give a thumbs up ..but seeing the question is about thumbs up ill give ya a thumbs up
  • often I do
  • I click on the thumbs up to an answer that is either useful or helpful or informative.
  • I give a thumbs up to any thing I like and seems worthy.

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