• Many people believe that "once a cheater, always a cheater" - all people can change, but some choose not to. Honestly, having a best friend of the opposite sex will more than likely bring an attraction later in life, and this is a proven case. If you really like/love her, try again, if it happens again move on. As far as her, let her have her bestfriend, dont try to intervene that, instead, show you are the bigger person and try again.
  • Like the other answer states, once a cheater, always a cheater. it never fails. THEIR friendship is not just a friendship. the sooner you realize this, the quicker the hurt will be over for you. the world is full of wonderful,uncommitted women. go find another. maybe, two years together, was too long and her eyes started to wonder. find the right girl and get married. she will soon be a memory.
  • Don't let yourself get between thier friendship, especially if it has been one they've shared for a long time. If they cannot remain on a friendly level though, then you need to remove yourself from the situation. Don't break them apart, but don't let yourself get hurt either.
  • i dont agree with some of the other answers u have recieved. I believe that if YOU think that u can trust her, then u should.
  • People don't change theirs lives do. Once a cheater always a cheater, if she was fine with it then there's nothing stopping her now
  • I'm in the same situation, although I am the female and my partner has cheated on his previous partner with his best friend, who is female. They remain extremely close friends, sometimes uncomfortably so (for me).He says there's nothing going on but they do "gf/bf things" together like dinner,drinks,movies without me. Interesting point abput how people don't change, but their lives do.They will never give up the friendship, so don't even bother asking.Its very hard to trust and "be the bigger person".I still don't get the hang of it yet! Guess all you can do is try (if you love her) or leave, if you can't take the inner struggle.
  • Ok, I've been in this situation, chances are she's not telling you what you really need to hear, the reason why it happened, there's always a reason for someone to cheat, except with me, it was my best friend of since we were in diapers cheated on his girlfriend he was with at the time, and they even have a daughter together... He did it because he was growing tired of her and had no other way to figure out how to dump her, he didn't want to leave her because of their daughter and she lived with him. But I think it was he also did not want to be single again. What you should do is if not ask her then ask her best friend why it happened. As for your "gf" you should go back to flying solo.
  • move on man...once a cheater always a cheater. she obviously has no respect for you, and letting that slide will only make it worse. Im not saying forgiveness is out of the question.... down the road you will get over it... but your relationship will never be right after what she did. +2
  • She is lying the first time is the hardest. There are more women on the planet so it is time to pack up your rod and fish in another stream
  • wtf??? she cheated with her friend and you allow them to remain friends knowing their history? That's crazy!! Tell her outright that if she actually gives a damn about your relationship, she will not have contact with the guy anymore. You aren't being unreasonable in asking her to do this, it's not like you are jealous of a guy friend that she has ONLY ever been friends with, this is a different matter all together. If she won't drop him as a friend then you know for sure that she's not worth the heartache.
  • No you shouldnt respect their friendship, if she cheated on you with him, he should push off and not be around her anymore.
  • It sounds to me like she has a thing for this "best friend" of hers. It doesn't sound to me like you should trust her.
  • i would be careful about being her boyfriend if shes going to cheat

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