• Good thing you understand her rare condition and the situation.. but if you think being a friend with her was fine. Why not? what makes you think twice? and about your past experiences with her. have you ever ask her a question why did she do those things? there are reasons for sure. You're an understanding person. I am pretty quite sure that you really are. Just extend your patience more. She needs more people someone like you. Don't hesitate. She's just a victim as well.
  • There is no cure and likely to last her entire like. She should never have children and will likely need a caregiver. It requires several specialists from different fields for treatment. Its entirely up to you if you want to hang around. Im not into being an adult babysitter. "DiGeorge Syndrome Prognosis The prognosis for any child with DiGeorge syndrome is variable with many infants dying from devastating seizures, infections or failure of the heart within the first year. A 1 month mortality rate of 55% as well as a 6 month mortality rate of 86% has been conveyed. Prognosis is mostly linked to the heart defects and their severity as well as the fractional presence of the thymus gland. DiGeorge Syndrome Life Expectancy For those individuals who survive infancy and early childhood, the life expectancy for an individual with DiGeorge syndrome is that they can live a normal life span. In the majority of cases, they will need to have constant care and will need to be in treatment for varying medical problems. The burden on the families is huge but there are support groups for caretakers that offer support and help."

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