• False. Where did you get that from? Explaining things allows an awareness and understanding for others.
  • Unfortunately, people don't seem to want to learn anything new as adults anymore. So I guess so. I remember even back when Ross Perot was laughed at for trying to use a whiteboard to explain his economic policy to voters. I thought it was cool that he was taking the time to explain and also being more transparent than just saying the word "lockbox" or making really broad statements like "I'm a billionaire, so I know how to manage money."
  • What are you talking about? I explian things all the time this is how it works this is how we set it up. Example with the thermostat set at 5 degrees the fan should be on. If I don't explian how it works and what it does they will get it wrong if they haven't done it before. How did you learn what to do in your profession?
    • Vampire Of My Own Heart
      Sorry for not being more specific. I was referring to “politics” not in general. Thought the category of the question would help.
    • 11stevo73
      It seams in politics you are correct, the custom seams to be yell as loudly as you can as many insults as quickly as possable not stop so no one can get a word in. I think.
  • I'm not sure if that's true or false. Having observed political rhetoric for decades, I find that most is purposefully designed to be interpreted through the personal filter of the listener. In other words, the actual statements made don't have specific meaning of their own. If a speaker is explaining a point, it means that he/she is actually saying something specific. Interpret that your own way.

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