• well in a way yes, but it's also expensive to get sick and have to BUY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.... old French saying I love:............YOU'RE EITHER GOING TO PAY THE GROCER OR THE PHARMACIST"............. see??? I'd rather spend money on halfway decent food and not prescriptions!!!
  • i dont eat much and i get food stamps and people tell me to get the expensive stuff so i dont have so much food around
  • True. Prices are higher because of lower demand for them. They cheapen the more popular versions.
    • dumdum
      Not only lower demand -- also shorter shelve life and usually more labor intensive to bring to market.
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  • Per pound and calorie for dollar -- yes likely. For long term health and nutritional intake cheaper to go natural. If you prefer chemical preservatives, coloring, flavor enhancers, modifiers and other variables go with the manufactured.
  • False. Not if you do it right. Fresh root vegetables like potatoes onions and carrots are versatile inexpensive and nutritious. spinach cabbage and broccoli are very nutritious for the money. Rice, beans, legumes and most grains bought in bulk are very inexpensive. Whole wheat pasta is fairly inexpensive. I've been able to find fresh strawberries grapes and bananas fairly cheap lately. And when they're not in season Frozen is fairly inexpensive as well as canned fruits and veggies (just watch out for the sodium). Oatmeal is great for you and super cheap! So are eggs. And if you're lactose intolerant you can make oat milk for pennies with no more specialized equipment than a blender and no cooking is necessary like it is for soy milk. You can also make your own granola with it. Don't forget potatoes and cows milk are nutritionally complete in themselves, as well as beans and cornbread. And milk with a pb&j on whole grain and an apple or banana for lunch at work will save time and money. You don't have to buy all that specialty crap in the stores. It's usually not that good for you anyway. And once you control portion sizes, eliminate the red meat, chips, soda, alcohol, sugary snacks and cereals and cigarettes you've usually saved enough money to pay for all your groceries if you're like most people.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Spot on. Good answer!
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you It was a good question!
    • Roaring
      after reading this I want to eat
  • It depends. True if you buy retail. No s if you go to the local produce exchange which has great deals on whole cases of organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Unfortunately true.
  • What do you consider 'healthy'?
  • probably

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