• I know what you exactly what you mean! I think it's because they don't want to think about it because they subconsiously know they're vey wrong. +5
  • omg i agree, my boyfriend swears everything he says is right, and sometimes i dont agree with his opinion but he insists on going on and on and on about one topic because its like he tries to say it a thousand different ways to get me to believe what he believes it drives me nuts
  • There is a name for them: They are opinionated people. That's all. They feel they are right about what they think and say. Take it with a grain of salt and you won't be bothered with it.
  • Some people have the experience, eduction/knowledge about things and they know what they are talking about. Others just guess, a guess is not an opinion......... it's just a guess.
  • Yes,of course! It's always how you approach disagreeing that gets someone fired up. If you did an assertive job disagreeing with someone,and they STILL get upset,then you can't control that,and what other people do! *+++++*
  • Mature and RATIONAL people can have different opinions. Irrational, immature, whiney people. . . .can't! They NEED to argue!
  • I agree and notice it most in Religion and politics. Most people think they are right and you can't change their mind. I guess that's why they say not to discuss those two topics in a bar
  • I believe it is because they are very afraid, maybe so afraid they need medication to numb their fear. They become too afraid to be open minded enough to realize the world is big and strong and can contain the many ways of thinking, without any harm.
  • Because people always think they're right about every goddamn thing.
  • I can't stand when people try to press their beliefs on you. They are starting an argument. That is really irritating. When someone attacks me about something, I feel I need to attack back, but if you express your opinion maturely, I will not say anything and just move on. Everyone should be like this. Just don't say anything and move on.
  • My wife and I have some very different opinions on things and we do agree to disagree as long as the arguments made on either side stand up to the test of logic and reason. We actually end up finding more common ground than not that way and end up seeing things from new perspectives.
  • I think it's because people often form opinions based on their feelings about something. Therefore, they have an emotional attachment to their opinions. So when you disagree with them, it feels to them like you're not respecting their feelings. It's immature.
  • NO! -5 for you. ROFL Just kidding. It drives me crazy every time someone gets mad and Down rates you because you have a different opinion. How boring would life be if we all agreed on every little thing.
  • Different reasons I think. For some people it is a sign of poor education. I don't say this in a derogatory or pompus way, but an educated person understands that an argument is not personal; that different people can have different yet equally well supported views; and understands that he or she is not the definitive source of knowledge on any one issue. Those who know more on a subject than others tend to be the ones who can accept the validity of a contradictory opinion (in many spheres and for many topics, obviously this does not apply to more objective topics). For others it is because they themselves actually do know more about the topic than the other person and it insults their own intelligence. I think also, sometimes they are responding to what they sense is a personal attack, going by the tone of the other person's opinion. Some people just naturally expect their friends or partners to agree with them, on everything. Or they feel so passionately about something being right or wrong that they feel the opposite point of view is harmful. Of course, some people are just argumentative jerks. I could not be in a relationship, or be friends with a person, I could not share an opposing view with. I think mutual respect is very important.
  • Great question. I just commented on an answer and my comment drew this comment "Who asked for your opinion"? . I thought that this was what it was all about. . I've found that many times questioners don't really want an answer or comment, they just was reinforcement for their opinion. I wish they would write that up front so I'd know if I want to answer or not.
  • I guess it depends on HOW they disagree with you... I mean if someones all like 'YOU'RE WRONG BECAUSE' then obviously thats quite a personal insult, but if someone says 'I disagree because' then I cannot see how people COULD get offended. I guess its all just respecting you're peers and being well mannered. If people are still getting offended after that they're not worth the debate.
  • People are self centered and you hurt their pride when you disagree with them or tell them no!
  • Some people are simply intolerant of an opinion that is not a mirror image of their own and if you don't agree with them, you are wrong. Pitiful, really. I am always interested in the opinions of others, though they usually do not make me alter my own.
  • Why, You don't like my answer? I didn't mean to offend anyone. It's jusy my opinion. I'm sorry.
  • I expect people to disagree with me from time to time on an opinion orinted site such as this. I think the thing that makes me angry is the way some wish to attack rather than voice an objection giving their point of view. Often I supply references to reinforce what I have said but too often they do not read even part of the information nor do they offer any varifiable, footnoted proofs for their rebuttel.

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