• It is a different time we are in and things are not conservative as when they were younger. Today the music and language of today isnt something we were brought up with. The language is terrible and one wouldnt consider using it in front of ladies. things have really changed. A woman 40 years ago wouldnt be caught dead without her make up, heels and you wouldnt see her light up a cigarette and walk down the street. Theres a lot of drugs out there too. The worst thing back then was alcohol.
  • Two different worlds, and as such, are bound to meet with nothing much but conflict. The older you get, the more attached you become with what you perceive to have made you happy throughout your life, what helped you in hard times, what sort of ethics you were raised by, as well as the recollections of what you did that was regarded as great and or grand, or which at least solidified whatever moral beliefs you had (Explains why old people always recount the same stories over and over, because it differentiates their otherwise whole stagnated existence.)...and resent everything else which is new because it doesn't adhere to what you covet as useful or important. At least that's how most old people seem to be, like some kinda social stagnation effect, although I'm sure it will happen to me too. Teenagers can feel it, and we all know that at this age, people need to express themselves, and it's often hard, because as teenagers they go through emotional turmoils and so much change as is the purpose of those age ranges, that they don't always know how to express themselves or how to seek someone out to talk too-hence why their culture is often quite vibrant and shocking, so they may be noticed. But the old folks totally, for the most part resent this, and the teenagers who can feel this dissatisfaction coming from them resent them in turn. Everyone feels something but it's like they're afraid. We're talking about a set of people who are in tune with their emotions but can't deal with them, versus a set of people who believe they have everything sorted out and under control. This is generally speaking though, a lot of old people have grandchildren, and I believe that those old folks are a lot more tolerant and accepting of youth and its culture even if they don't partake in it much-and you can tell that often, it's not because they have to.
  • Because most teenagers treat elderly like "oldies" and forgotten how to respect those who came before them.
  • Because they remember what they acted like when they were teenagers.
  • I have read the comments made so far and they appear to deal mostly with the differences of the generations, But I tend to feel it is more basic than that, the older you get the less able to defend yourself, the younger you are the more strength you generally have, simple survival.
  • The abundance of guns, drugs, knives and gangs that were not in existance back in their youth. Its a changed world. Respect for each other is no more. When you become an oldie, remember your question and see whats happening in your world at that time.
  • Because they know how they were at that age.
  • I'm up there in the years and the only teenagers that I fear are the gun-toting psychopathic types.
  • I am 70 and I am not afraid of teenagers in general. True some in some areas are pretty rough around the edges but for the most part they are just kids. Some do tend to look a little wierd but I remember when we were suspended from school for "duck butts" and flat tops! If I was to say the only fear I have of teens, especially the girls, if an older male person tries to talk to them we are thought to be pedaphiles and are on the virge of reporting us to the police. I would love to go to a mall and just talk to someone younger but this day and time younger people and teens especially think we are out to haul them off and rape them. I think it is the other way around teens are afraid of us oldies!
  • I think it's because they were teenagers once, and they realize how unpredictable teenagers can be.
  • I was one of THE WORST teenagers you could imagine... Nothing they do today can compare... They dont scare me, I have one and I was one. but really old people... I think are frightened because as we get older we become more and more fragile... That makes you nervous when you cant defend yourself against the disconcern and the mayhem that is often considered to be teenager...
  • They move too quickly, talk too loudly, and , except for a few, have very little respect for elders they are not bound by relation to respect.
  • They have quicker reflexes.
  • not sure why

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